Websites Do Not Believe In Myth


Myths could prove to be a disaster to your business. Do not listen them they could harm you too. Here are some of the myths discovered in SEO:-

1. They would come if you will build: – These days, content marketing is earning lots of people. They just create a beautiful website with excellent content and then you are hitting the visitors and the audience. Well that simply not true. If that could be so easy to do then most of the search engine optimizer professionals would have been out for the work. A good website needs a proper technical base, faster peg downloading and links.


2. Linking is no more: – Earlier web designers were of thought that once you have created a link in your website then you can build another link. But that theory proved to be wrong when some more expert programmers have done that you can create more than one links in the website. Google once omitted links but it created a worse impact on Google technologies. Today the trend of linking is going away, in fact has gone away. The content is so much marketable that users do not have to be grossed in numerous links. Everything is available on a single page without using third party links or exceptions. You may have noticed this notification when sometimes you have been browsing or exploring webpages,”You would now proceed to third party website or webpage, we are not responsible for Any harm to your computer while browsing a third party page” This was the main turning point exceptions which started occurring and worried customers and also even the companies. So they have started excluding the links from their websites for smooth functioning of their whole system

3. Let Google must spy: – Some companies do not use Google analytics as they think that Google is continuously monitoring them. They are blindly flying. You are somewhere wrong in this case as. Google sometimes does that and sometimes not. If your websites is playing with the Google analytics legal policies then it won’t spy and if you are violating these policies then Google would start spying on the content and then would take legal action against you. Another reason why Google would spy your website is that if you have used more than one domain sharing the same code of Google analytics then it would definitely spy you. Of course some companies do not use Google analytics and it used they create much bad results than ever. If Bad content is used then it would result in bad item or item with which a very bad impact is on your business.

Ranks: – Companies sometime ignore the ranking. They think that only traffic is the main concern no matter what is the ranking of the website. If a very good traffic is coming to your website then you become overconfident and star living in a myth that you are very popular doesn’t matter what is the current ranking. This could be the best ever mistake you could make in your technical career.