Wedding Venues should Reflect your Personality


As beautiful an affair, wedding might be, planning for the same can often get quite messy. Choosing the best venue is hands down, the most painstaking affair while planning any wedding. Every location that one chooses comes with its own distinct features and thus, will be suitable for one particular couple while extremely unsuitable to the other. Be it casual, or exotic, the most important criteria, a wedding venue must fulfill is that it should appeal to the bride-to-be and groom-to-be. Dream settings then, are no longer limited to outdoor, exotic or classic locations, it can very well be a nice, cozy, indoor environment which fits the tastes, desires and aspirations of the bride and the groom.

Speaking about cozy, indoor settings, casual locations are the best fit for the same. These can start in one’s own rooftop or backyard. A beautiful setting of chairs, tables, and adequately lit archways can lend a special touch to the whole atmosphere while you tie the knot. Casual locations can also extend to far off wilderness like ranches and canyons where only a limited number of people can accompany both of you while you make your wedding day special with the blessings of Mother Nature.

Almost a favorite to everyone, exotic locations are always amongst the best-picked by most couples. From the beaches of Hawaii, to the Isles of England, exotic locations always contribute to making your wedding romantic and extravagant at the same time. Receptions under the moonlight, ceremonies on the mountain tops can make your hearts melt and your guests’ jaws drop.


Another, more low-key option to plan your wedding can be a classic ballroom or banquet hall which can provide the option of large seating for your guests while at the same time, reducing your efforts while planning. Many of these places have photographers, caterers, florists, disc jockeys, and everything else you need to make your day. These venues also help you with a number of contingent affairs such as catering, lighting etc. and also charge a reasonable cost for the same as they are already in the business.

Whether you want a classic ceremony, an exciting adventure, or a casual, low-key affair, weddings are after all weddings and should be planned while keeping the bride and the groom in the center as it is they for whom this day is planned and their hopes, desires are paramount.

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