What Can Suspend Your license?


California’s Department of Motor Vehicles uses a point system to keep track of drivers’ traffic tickets, accidents and violations. With each offense, points are added to your driving record. When there are enough points, your driver’s license can be suspended. In California, receiving four points within twelve months will result in a suspended license. A minor traffic violation such as running a red light adds one point to your record while a major offense will add two points. Reckless driving and DUI are considered serious offenses and can result in longer suspensions.

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Your License Can Be Suspended by the DMV or by a Judge

Either the California DMV or a judge can suspend your license depending upon the circumstances. Your license can be suspended by the DMV if you received a traffic ticket and failed to appear in court. Restoring your driving privileges can require an attorney driver’s license suspension. These issues are best resolved through legal representation and it’s wise to not go it alone. The DMV will also suspend your license if you don’t have the minimally-required amount of vehicle insurance, if you rack up too many points or if you attempted to evade the police when signaled to pull over. Generally, a first-time suspension is for six months with one year of probation.

Previous Offenses Can Result in a Suspension by a Judge

A judge can order your license suspended regardless of how many points you have. If the offense is serious, such as reckless driving or DUI, the judge can decide to suspend your license for a period of several years. Repeated offenses, such as excessive speeding, could also lead to a suspension. A knowledgeable traffic attorney can help determine how to appeal a decision so that you can restore your driving privileges.

What To Do Before Appearing in Traffic Court

ticket lawyer Los Angeles. County court systems are best navigated by attorneys who have an established relationship with them. The right legal counsel can help prevent a long-term suspension or enable you to get your driver’s license reinstated quickly.