What does it take to find a good psychologist?


A good psychologist is rare to find. But it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good psychologists. A good psychologist means someone with whom you are comfortable and can relate to. So, what exactly does it take to be a good psychologist? Following are the characteristics which makes a good psychologist-
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  1. Experienced- a psychologist should be experienced in his field of work. He should have a degree from a reputed university and a license to practice.
  2. Trustworthy- various researches have revealed that people determine whether or not they can trust someone within 50 milliseconds of meeting them. The therapeutic sessions are helpful to clients because the therapist communicates both verbally and non-verbally with the clients in a manner in which they can trust.
  3. Building a comfortable environment- another quality that a psychologist should have is establishing a comfortable environment with the client. Unless and until the client is made feel safe and secure, the sessions will not be of any use.
  4. Ethics- a great psychologist, has a solid ethics code and keeps sessions with patients confidential. They are also aware that their work can significantly affect people, and they keep this in their minds while working.
  5. Open-mindedness- a great psychologist, is open-minded and tolerant of all kinds of people and situations. They are also open to new research and new ways of thinking that might challenge their ideals.

Finding a great psychologist takes more than a hit-and-miss search in the phone book or online. It is more than getting lucky by stumbling across them, either. What it takes to find one is dedication, hard work, searching for them, and searching for you as well.


A popular way of finding a psychologist is by asking a professional you already work with. The professional might be your accountant, lawyer, dentist, physician, or another person who honors your confidentiality. It is a good source of finding a psychologist as they are all well connected in the community and refer to each other all the time.

If you have a friend or a friend’s friend who is a therapist, you can also ask them for a referral. Therapists refer to one another often. They will understand that you don’t want to see them (for whatever reason, you don’t have to say), but you want a recommendation from them.

You can also use the internet as a source to find a good psychologist. You are one Google search away from finding the best therapist. You can go through the reviews people give, and the one who gets the best reviews should be your ultimate choice. The difference between the web and the yellow pages is that, for the therapist, listing on reliable websites is not nearly as expensive, and reliable sites require a minimum of professional qualifications to be listed.

First impressions are usually correct. It may be a good idea to visit briefly with a psychologist you are considering seeing. Even speaking with them on the telephone can give you a good idea of whether they will be right for you.