What Services Do Property Management Companies For?


Owning a property is indeed a matter of immense pride, especially for people who have bought it with their hard-earned money. In today’s society, a property stands for status, and is also a symbolization of someone’s hard work. But, sometimes, we have to leave our property back, and relocate to some other city due to our job commitment or sometimes other reason. Now, relocating to another city, will bring in concern about the property that we left behind and that’s quite natural. Now, it is impossible for the property owner, to take care of the property from a different city or a province, and here, comes in a professional property management company. A property management company will look after your property when you are not living in it, and will also ensure that you get every information about your property. But, before you can start searching for a property management company, you should know what are the services that are offered by the property management company, so that when you meet with an agent or a manager, you can clarify on those points.
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Generally, when you hire a professional property management company, it becomes their responsibility to take care of the property, or rent out the property after searching for prospective tenants. The first thing that they do, when they are renting out your property is prepare the home for rent. The clean the property, and optimize the appeal of the interior of the house. If you have a garden or an open space, they manicure the landscape attached, to increase the appeal of the house. After the agent is done with the cleaning process, he/she puts up an advertisement through listing websites, both paid and free, through fliers and through print media. After that, when the potential tenants call for a demo of the property, there are expert staffs who show the entire property to the tenants. In the meanwhile, your agent will provide you with all the information of the process, and no matter where you are, you will be first told to select the tenant. This is to ensure that you as an owner, take the final decision.


Now, after the tenants comes in, the responsibility of the agent is far from over. The agent needs to make sure that all the papers are in order, and he/she also needs to take the security deposit from the tenant. After that, it is the agent’s responsibility to, receive the rent every month from the tenant, and send it to the owner of the property. It is also his responsibility to the hunt the tenant down in case of late payments. Sometimes, if the tenant is not paying after the due duration is over, the agent has to take up the responsibility and print eviction notice and ask the tenant to leave the premises. Moreover, the agent would take up a professional photographer to the property, and click pictures of the property, and send to the owner. If the tenant lands in to any trouble, related to the property, then it is also the agent’s duty to help the tenant. If in any case, a repair work needs to be done around the property, the agent takes the responsibility, and hires a contractor to do the job.

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