Why eBooks are as Good as Printed Books?


Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy. – Richard Stallman. Every day, a new technological advancement surprises us. It introduces us to something that we never thought would be possible. Likewise, who would have thought there would be a day when carrying hundreds of books wouldn’t be a problem? Well, not many of us, right? To put it simply, eBooks have made information easily accessible. However, many think eBooks can never be as good as printed ones. They might have their reasons, but ebooks offer knowledge as effectively as printed books if they think rationally.


Printed Books

All those stuck in the dilemma of whether or not to opt for JEE or NEET online coaching, primarily because most of the study material is provided in the form of eBooks, are in the right place. Here, we are unfolding the many benefits of eBooks that make them as good as printed books.

They are Portable

We are not asking you to bid goodbye to all your printed books; we are saying that when you opt for online learning and get study material in the form of eBooks, carrying them around will never be an issue. Whether traveling to our uncle’s place or the nearest librt have to decide which subjects to take and which to leave behind. With eBooks, you will always have the entire syllabus, all tss to every issue, which will help you prepare and revise from anywhere.

They are Durable and Customizable

Yes, you might be someone who takes extreme care of their books, but printed books are bound to get old and show signs of wear. The good part with eBooks is that they last for a long time unless the file is affected by a rare virus. Regarding customization and readability, eBooks are a step ahead of printed books. The font size can be adjusted according to your comfort, and the same goes for brightness when using a tab or an eBook reader.

They Feel the Same

If you keep away from eBooks as they won’t give a similar feeling to books, think again! eBooks also provide the sense of flipping and reading through the pages, just like those traditional books. You will also be surprised that some eBook readers’ screens are designed to look exactly like a book. So, if you are worried about the strain that eBooks may cause to the eyes, now you know they don’t.

Easy Bookmarking

Bookmarking a page in an eBook is easier than in a printed book. To access any or all of the bookmarks, you can easily click the tool button, and all the saved pages will be there for your use. However, one area where eBooks surpass printed books is that you have bookmarks of all the subjects and chapters in one place. You won’t have to go from book to book to look for a particular topic. If you use a specially designed device for eBooks, the bookmark icon will help you keep all the bookmarks in one place. A tap on the icon will take you to the desired chapter instantly.

Easy Understanding

Suppose you think it is hard to understand the concepts and formulas from an ebook to think again. EBooks are a replica of printed books. Like in traditional printed books, you can underline the key sentences, dog-ear (bookmark) the important pages, and return to highlighted parts anytime. It’s just that they are in a portable format.

Final Words!

Now that you know that eBooks are as good as printed ones don’t delay enrolling yourself in NEET online coaching to make the most of this fast-paced study medium. By opting for online coaching for the medical entrance exam, you can learn at your own pace and save commute time.