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Working in the National Capital Region – Top 5 Employers

Working in the National Capital Region – Top 5 Employers

When it comes to looking for employment in the National Capital Region, NCR, there are many opportunities open to you. Not only is this the capital of Canada with a large number of government positions available, but it is also a region with two major cities side by side. Ottawa-Gatineau also spans two provinces, Ontario and Quebec. So then, you can choose to apply at open positions in either city or province and still live nearby to either due to the huge number of condos for sale Ottawa has already constructed or are in construction now. Here are the top 5 employers you might want to consider.

1. Canada Revenue Agency


With an exceptional maternity / parental leave incentive, this is one amazing company to work for. The Canada Revenue Agency offers a full 52 weeks of maternal leave at 93% of the mother’s salary at the time of taking the leave, which far exceeds most other employers. The Canada Revenue Agency also supports new fathers and parents who have recently adopted a child with a 93% top-up leave for an amazing 37 weeks.

2. Accreditation Canada

Accreditation Canada is one employer that knows the value of ongoing education. This employer invests in their employees seeking to further their careers by offering subsidies for tuition in job-related courses and those offered in-house or online. Accreditation Canada offers a lower maternity leave than Canada Revenue Agency. They offer 75% of salary for up to 50 weeks, but this still exceeds many employers because it is almost a year in duration. They also give generous contributions to pre-defined pension plans, helping employees save for the future.

3. Universities Canada

New hires are given 4 weeks of paid vacation and can add longer time periods using personal days. Universities Canada helps to counsel employees in investing in their future with assistance planning pension plans and generous contributions. One perk for families with children approaching college is that a generous scholarship is awarded to children of parents who work for any of the universities within the group.


4. Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Again, a wonderful maternity package for 52 weeks at 93% of the mother’s salary and a father’s or adoptive parent’s leave for 37 weeks at 93% of salary. This company has a huge focus on inter-generational working conditions and has adopted strategies to help employees work well together even though years apart in age. It also has a wonderful retirement preparation program for employees soon to be reaching retirement age. Too few companies help older workers make the transition, but CSIS understands the need to help them move on to a new phase in their life when leaving the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

5. Bank of Canada

Among many of the reasons why the Bank of Canada was chosen as a top employer in the NCR is the number of benefits that exceed government regulations and what other employers are doing. One particular note is the maternity / paternal leave for 27 weeks at 93% of the parent’s salary at the time of leave. They also offer a great pension plan and help workers stay healthy and fit by offering memberships that are subsidized to a fitness facility located on the premises of Our Planetary.

These are just a sampling of the kinds of employers who are great to work for with benefits packages and working conditions above and beyond the average. You can also explore what attracts newcomers to the National Capital Region by reading information such as that available on the Conference Board of Canada’s website. All-in-all, Ottawa has been chosen as one of the best places to live and work in Canada by every major survey and consumer report taken within the past several decades.