5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Residential Architect


Everyone has a dream of owning a house that is designed for their requirements and vision. Some people are lucky and can get their homes built from the ground up. Some are not so lucky and have to modify their house to get the exact looks and finishes. But no matter what side of the fence you stay in, you need to hire the right people that would help you to give shape to your abstract ideas.

Residential Architect

And one of those people is the architect you choose. An experienced architect can help you build your dream home and also guide you along the way. But hiring a residential architect is not easy. But to make it easier for you, here are 5 questions that you should ask a potential residential architect before hiring him –

What are your qualifications?

This is an important question that you should not be shy to ask. It would help if you asked him to disclose all the educational and technical qualifications properly. It would help if you asked him to share his portfolio and discuss his registration with the local and national bodies.

A registered architect is required to comply with certain guidelines and responsibilities. There is a guarantee of quality associated with a registered architect.

What is your experience with projects like ours?

Not every architect is the same. A residential architect is a completely different professional when compared to a commercial one. All of them have a signature style that may or may not suit your design vision. So you got to make sure the persona you have chosen is the right fit.

What is the scope of your services?

While the main purpose of an architect is to design a building, he can offer many other services. Maybe you have the contacts, and you want only the design process to be handled by him. Or maybe, you want him to handle all the process aspects, from dealing with the contractor to maintaining compliance with the local regulations and building codes.

A full-service architect will obviously charge you higher, but this way, you will save your time dealing with contractors and maintaining quality checks on your own.

What is the process?

You should understand the process of building a house. It is not a quick process and takes time; it requires patience and smooth coordination between the involved parties. You should also learn about the damages and demolitions that might occur if you are getting it rebuilt.

It’s not a smooth-sailing affair, and changes will be made on the way. So you should be fully in terms with the way things are going to work.

What are the fees?

This is the question that will largely decide if you are going to hire the architect or not. A good architect is not cheap. The costs can rise exponentially when you add up additional services. You want someone that can make the most out of your budget and provide something extra on top of it. It won’t be easy to get the right, but it will be a worthwhile effort.