The Main Types of Scaffolding and What They are Used For


Scaffolding is a temporary structure constructed to support a work crew and materials to aid in creating, maintaining, and repairing buildings and other large, artificial systems. Scaffolds are used to get to higher areas and build or improve skyscrapers. Scaffolds are common sights to see, especially in the city. However, not all scaffolding is the same; many types of scaffolding are available, each with benefits that can prove useful in different situations. Scaffolding is divided into three categories: suspended, supported, and aerial. Each scaffold is made from various components, including a base jack or plate, which is the load-bearing base for the scaffold.


Suspended scaffolding is when the scaffold is securely suspended by rope, either from the roof of the top of the house or from a building. This type of scaffolding involves using pulleys, levers, and switches. These pulleys allow the worker to lower himself from the top of the building to the bottom – and will enable the worker to climb to the higher floors of the building.


Supported scaffolding is built from the ground upwards. The structure consists of lumber and creates a frame. The worker must climb a ladder and work from the middle length of the scaffold, which is known as a platform. This type of scaffolding is either grounded on supports or can be completely mobile – if wheels are attached to the bottom of the supports. Aerial lifts, or aerial scaffolding, are mounted devices lifted to other elevations or locations. This kind of scaffolding is helpful when the scaffold needs to be transported to a different place. However, for this type of scaffolding to be easy to move, it must come with shackles to prevent the structure from coming loose from the hook carrying the entire system.

A scaffolding structure aims to provide a safe platform accessible to construction workers and their crews to carry out their work. Thus, certain standards and regulations must be followed when building scaffolding. Though the materials used may differ from one scaffold to the next, there are standards in designing the scaffold, ensuring everyone remains safe and secure at all times.

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