How to write a research essay proposal


Whoever becomes a student, they must first of all be cultured people. Being a truly cultured person today, you must be able to freely and competently write as freely and competently speak. That is why you need to know how to write an essay proposal. Personal development is impossible without expressing personal thoughts and feelings – both orally and in writing. Personal development is a necessary prerequisite for solving social and economic problems. In modern school, most students do not like to write essays because “they are difficult,” but “the main thing is that they are useful in the future.” At the same time, as if it may sound paradoxical, the essay is a kind of activity of pupils, one of the most popular in the modern era of communications. After all, website creation, communication networks via chat rooms – are the same essay, independent compilation of completed and logically, and text composition. And it is the realization that any official papers: reports, certificates, recommendations, business the note – it is also an essay, and the success of a business person depends largely on the ability to create a coherent text, causes students a sincere desire to learn how to create original texts, competent and convincing.

Five-paragraph essays are essential tools of communication (opinion)

Thus, teaching how to write an essay is one of the most urgent problems of the modern school, and every cultured person, in whatever fields of science, requires this skill technology or the arts or in the future, he realized Sky Birds.


Objectives of the course:

  • the formation of students’ scientific-linguistic world, the development of linguistic, aesthetic ideal;
  • the formation of the creative imagination as the direction of intellectual and personal development of the student;
  • mastering the rules of the Russian literary language;
  • learning to express their thoughts in writing and abutment coherently;
  • training to work on writing;
  • development of communication skills of students;
  • education of the interested reader, able to perceive and evaluate the writers’ work.