How to Measure Your Space for a Sectional Sofa


If you have ever purchased new furniture, you know that getting the right size is important. Most people check the dimensions of their space and desired furniture before buying to ensure a good fit. While this is really necessary for any new furniture you select, it is especially true for sectionals. There are some additional considerations you will need to allow for when measuring your space for sectionals.

Chesterfield Sectional Sofa 6 Seater – WoodPeckerz Furniture

Measure your available space.

Your first step is to determine how much space you have for a sectional. There are a wide variety of options and sizes. Measuring your space first helps you narrow down your choices. You may even measure to discover that a sectional will not work in your room, and doing so can save you a lot of money and wasted time if a sectional will not fit in the room comfortably.

You must measure only your available space, not the room’s dimensions as a whole. Some homes can have oddly shaped rooms or areas that create unusable space. If you are leaving most of your furniture in the room and only adding a sectional sofa, you should make sure that you allow for space to walk among the pieces of furniture throughout the room.

Look up the dimensions of your desired sectional.

It can be hard to narrow it down to just one sectional that you like, and it might take some time browsing online. Choose 3 or 4 that you really like and check their dimensions. In addition to checking for length and width, you also need to measure depth. Some sectionals have such deep seating that you have to allow for additional space, so this is a critical measurement.

Unfortunately, not all online furniture stores have detailed descriptions for their sectionals. The best descriptions will give you a space recommendation, including the dimensions of the sectional and the necessary space around it. Here’s how 1StopBedrooms describes its sectionals.

stores have reasonable return policies, making a return on furniture can be difficult and time-consuming. In the meantime, you would have to find a place to store the sectional until it could be picked up and exchanged for a smaller model.

The best way to avoid this unnecessary expense is to create a template using the dimensions from the product descriptions you find online. Using paper or cardboard, create a template that matches the footprint of the sectional perfectly. This will allow you to play with arrangements and ensure that the sectional works for you before you purchase.

In the end, getting a new sectional can be an exciting experience, but if you ignore measurements, you will be disappointed. As they say, measure twice, buy once!