It’s time to switch to Stone-decking


When it comes to building a deck for your home that can serve as a place where you relax and gather with your acquaintances to enjoy the natural view, considering a stone deck is undoubted the best option you may choose. Not only is it an option that supports a flexible structure over it, but it also features a fastening matrix that is strong enough to withstand more weight than others.


While wood is also long-lasting and requires less maintenance, preservatives that keep the wood stainless and rot-free are quite expensive. Therefore, stones are a great replacement for wood that can be an ideal choice as a decking material for all types of decking. Following are some points that put light on why it is high time to switch from wood decking to stone-decking:

  • High Durability: Like Wood, stones also have a sound withstanding ability. They have the strength that can sustain longer than the traditional wood that is subject to splinter, break or burn with time. Even composite and vinyl decks get faded as they are exposed to sunlight, leaving behind scars for life. Thus, using stones as the material for your decks is a reliable and much better option than wood or vinyl decks.
  • Attractive finish: Although wood imparts a luster that makes it an alluring choice, stones’ attractive finish cannot be ignored. While wood shall need regular cleaning but only brooming the stone will suffice for keeping its shine alive. Also, a finish that comes naturally must be preferred over the finish that has to be preserved using artificial products. Not only are stones a perfect finish provider for decks, but they also retain them for many years to come, unlike wood and composite decks.
  • Low Maintenance: Stones serve as an ultimate option for categorizing deck materials based on maintenance. It scores high as it needs the least attention to be provided to it. Also, wood constantly requires special preservatives that help in its maintenance against moisture, rots, etc., and impart a bright shine, which adds up to more expenses. Even Vinyl decks need regular care as they are susceptible to scuffing.
  • Cheaper option: Wood, an easy yet expensive alternative, is not recommended much when building an elevated deck frame. Natural stones come in various varieties and are cost-cutting solutions with zero maintenance cost and still providing a compelling finish to your deck. Vinyl might be an eco-friendly solution, but its maintenance cost makes it an option that can be considered only if they are not satisfied by stones.

It is thus, crystal clear that the durability and attractiveness of natural stones are unmatched. Even after considering the pros and cons of using other materials, nothing could compare to the benefits that a natural stone decking bestows.