Mobile app development trends you should look out for


Just how smartphone benchmarks change year after year, so do quality standards in mobile app development. Since smartphone users spend most of their time using apps, the emphasis definitely falls on improving user experience and user interface, but high performance and security are also important. When developing an app for your company, you should keep in mind present-day trends, but, to make your investment sustainable, you should also talk to a professional about app development trends. In today’s fast-pacing tech world, there is nothing more harmful than presenting customers with low-end, outdated apps. Companies like Magora LTD develop state of the art bespoke software in line with the latest trends, so get in touch with them to take your business to the next level.

Mobile app development trends you should look out forCloud support

Cloud technology was first used by commercial clients and was chosen mainly for business applications, but things are starting to change and now the average smartphone user is more likely to install cloud-based applications. These allow users to access their data from multiple devices (most people now have work computers, home desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphone), back up personal files and easily share content with friends and family. What’s more, cloud technology allows developers to make more secure apps that don’t risk user data and allow easy restoration of lost files.


Swift is gaining ground

Ever since it was launched in 2014, Apple’s programming language, Swift, has not only improved, but also gained popularity. Fans of Swift say that it is superior to Objective-C thanks to its better memory management, paradigms and safety, as well as its ease of use. Although its syntax is dramatically different to what developers were used to, Swift is a friendly alternative for businesses who want to develop apps for iOS and OS X.

Welcome M-commerce

At present, M-commerce is not in its prime, but experts predict that in the following five years it will become users’ preferred payment method. People are still paying with their credit and debit cards, but alternatives like Apple Wallet and Google Pay are becoming increasingly popular. By incorporating a simple and straightforward payment method into your app, you could attract customers and gain an edge over your competitors. Nowadays, it’s all about simplicity and the faster and seamless the payment process is, the likelier clients are to keep using your app.

Compatibility with wearable gadgets

Smartphones are not the only mobile devices. Wearable tech is a force to be reckoned with and, with the success of gadgets like the Apple Watch and Google Glass, businesses are encouraged to develop apps that can be accessed from smartwatches and VR devices. Of course, developing an app for these gadgets is much more different and much more complicated than developing an app for a mobile phone, simply because you have a smaller screen to work with and the user interacts differently with the device. To make sure your app is bug-free and intuitive, work with an experienced team of developers who have made similar apps before and understand the challenges and requirements associated with your project.