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The Nokia Steel is the re-branded Model of the Withings Activite Steel. Nokia offered the wearables champ in 2016 and has now given its fitness trackers the Nokia emblem remedy.

However, if you don’t follow the wearables scene as intently as we do, that doesn’t be counted. The reality the Nokia Steel is a completely low-key, minimalist fitness tracker does count numbers.

 Nokia Steel

Nokia Steel at Amazon India for ₹7164.12

Wearing one is much like wearing an eye fixed, but it’s an eye fixed that also tracks your steps and sleep.

Nokia Steel price and release date

Originally $one hundred thirty/£120 but we’ve visible the fee drop as low as $one hundred or £80 Previously called Withings Steel, now to be had underneath Nokia call Image 1 of 2 Here are both the basic versions of the Nokia Steel with black straps Here are both the basic versions of the Nokia Steel with black straps The special version versions of the Nokia Steel are greater luxurious than the fundamental one The unique edition versions of the Nokia Steel are greater costs than the primary one Here are each of the simple versions of the Nokia Steel with black straps Here are each of the basic versions of the Nokia Steel with black straps The unique version versions of the Nokia Steel are more steeply-priced than the fundamental one.


The two special edition variations of the Nokia Steel are at greater costs than the primary one.
The Nokia Steel has an RRP of around $one hundred thirty/£120, making it a piece inexpensive than the smarter Nokia Steel HR that begins at $179.Ninety-five/ £169.Ninety-five.

There’s also a slightly extra high-priced rose gold model of the Nokia Steel that costs £130/$149. We’ve visible the charge of the normal Nokia Steel drop to around $a hundred or £eighty.

You can get fitness trackers with similar features for much less cash. However, almost none will make an appearance pretty as appropriate as the Nokia Steel.


Effortless, fashionable minimalism is a key enchantment of the Nokia Steel. The minimalistic design looks a great deal more like a watch than a fitness tracker No display screen, not like the Nokia Steel HR Step counting dial to reveal how far you are out of your intention. Just have a look at its face: a slim band of bright metallic borders, a curved glass top, and a delightfully plain black or white face.

Even among non-smart watches, the Nokia Steel is deliberately impartial. It looks much like the older Withings Activite Steel, but with a one-of-a-kind name and altered fonts on the front. Trust your own eyes on this one; however, we assume the Nokia Steel looks awesome.

Nokia Steel

It’s also very cozy. The watch face is noticeably small amongst smartwatches, and the strap is smooth, pliant silicone.

A few instances at some stage in testing, we’ve forgotten we had been even carrying the Steel, and maintaining it on at night for sleep tracking doesn’t sense like an ordeal.

You also can exchange the strap very effortlessly. Nokia makes silicone straps in seven shades, leather-based ones, and a few products of woven polyester.

As it’s miles water immune to 50M, you can put on the Steel within the swimming pool or tub. However, Nokia recommends getting the battery replaced by a jeweler instead of yourself to maintain the waterproof intact.