Stalker 2 internet site involves existence with spooky song and a new wallpaper


Stalker 2 was announced (once more) closing yr, and even though I become skeptical about the whole thing—the original declaration is a decade old, do not forget—I ought to admit that there has been some heavy respiratory on my component when it came about. The respectable Stalker Twitter account fired up again nowadays, first with a “re-declaration” tweet and then with some new Stalker 2 artwork and a promise to “share news and interesting content.” Now I’m beginning to permit myself to dare to dream.

internet The Stalker 2 Facebook web page is also making a new noise, as is the game’s internet site, which now has a new downloadable wallpaper (it’s the same as the image inside the tweet) and a piece of weird, semi-ambient song music it indeed is the in.WAV layout for some reason. It’s all very naked-bones at this degree and might yet amount to nothing. But it is something! At this factor—and, once more, with all due doubt, warning, and minimum expectancies—I’ll take it.