6 Homecoming Hairstyles for Different Hair Lengths


Homecoming is unquestionably one of the most important nights in a lady’s life. Therefore, women want to style the most elegant and lovely homecoming hairstyles that will not only rock her that day but also make the event most memorable one in their entire life. You want to match your best dress or pants with a gorgeous hairstyle.


This lovely gallery of best homecoming hairstyles is ideal for women with short and blunt tresses or long and cascading locks. Choose which awe-inspiring look will accompany you to this memorable occasion. There is surely one to rock your looks. Check out.


  1. Side Braid with Voluminous Waves

This is undoubtedly a beautiful blend of designs and textures for a gorgeous homecoming hairstyle. The style features contrasting hair shades, dark roots and subtle ends, a combination of elements that give it life. The style provides beautiful framing of the face, where the hair is pulled away from the face, with some descending braids that connect the loose tresses to bring the look together excitingly.


  1. Braided Updo

This is the ideal homecoming hairstyle for the ladies who like a classy and modern hairstyle. Braids are quite feminine and this classic collection of tresses styled to a low updo is an excellent way to show off your class during homecoming. Allow some strands to hung loosely around the face and curled to reveal a splash of daintiness.


  1. Twisted Side Updo

An updo that is styled to the side exude great sophistication and regally, hence making this twisted side up do your best choice for your homecoming. This style is given life and elegance by beautifully styled turns and twists that culminate into a gorgeous loose sideburn and boost volume at the top for a classy style and an outstanding look.

  1. Contrasting Updo

This updo is one of the most mysterious hairstyles. However, that doesn’t imply it is not an adorable homecoming haircut. It takes a longer time to create, but the time and effort used are worth what you get if you match it with your homecoming dress. The sides of this style are swirled back into a seamless updo, while the top hair is tousled into a cute look that we can describe as most romantic and chic mohawk we have ever come across. We love it.


  1. Precious Chignon

A chignon is always a great option when it comes to beautiful, princess-like updos worn for classy occasions. The white hair is usually tousled to the back using a fishtail braid, recreating a seamlessly loose chignon that is pretty breathtaking. It is an adorable style.


  1. Twisted Side Updo With Short Hair

This is yet another takes on modern updos. The twisted side hair is a sure way to steal the show. The beautiful twists of this homecoming hairstyle are swept to the side to create a bit of volume and complete the look.