Ivy League Haircut Recommendations and Styling Ideas


The classy Ivy League haircut is a popular variation of the typical crew cut. Also called Princeton or Harvard clip, the haircut balances the slickness of a side part and a crew cut’s gorgeousness. It is a suitable hairstyle for men looking to achieve a classy, chic, and sophisticated appearance.

The Ivy League hairstyle is styled the same way as the crew cut. The difference between these two haircuts is that, in the Harvard clip, there is a substantial amount of hair left on top to be parted. It gives you a defined look, making it ideal for men with prominent jawlines or strong cheekbones. Ivy League hairstyles can be styled in different ways, thanks to their versatility. It is low maintenance and looks great on any outfit. Browse this site for more info.

21 Best Ivy League Haircut Ideas for Men in 2022

1. Conventional Ivy League Hairstyle

If you plan to rock a modern variation of Ivy League haircut, you should start experimenting with this haircut. It is effortless to style. Admittedly, it is a haircut defined by attitude. It also has a great sense of sleekness for gentlemen-like results.

2. Short and Side Swept Haircut

There are cases where you will see a league hairstyle with slightly short locks slicked to either side. To get some insights concerning this particular design, check out images of this haircut from Instagram. The hair is side-swept, and it is maintained one-inch length. It is as simple as that.

3. Elongated Ivy League Haircut

This is a typical example of how you can rock a great haircut with longer hair. Though it is not the same as the Ivy League hairstyle, the styling at the sides offers an impact that cannot be compared. Whatever style you opt for, remember to keep it classy.

4. Wavy Ivy League Hairstyle

Though many ivy haircuts are common with straight and wavy locks, we assure you that one rocks men with curly hair. The curl locks work perfectly too. You can choose to maintain the curls short, so they don’t interfere with your vision. You can also maintain them an inch or two for enhanced shape and dimension.

5. Ivy Haircut Fade

When you decide to make an appointment with your stylist to get an ivy haircut, you must decide on this cut’s specifics. You will hear about terms such as fade, the hard part, and taper. The latter is the most popular. Consider adding a fade gradient to your haircut.

6. Raised Ivy League Hairstyle

For the men with thick manes, you should think about this textured approach to the ivy hairstyle. Simply put, opt for the short layers all around to highlight the modernism of your hair. You can choose to style it backward or forward, of course, depending on what rocks your looks.