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Android P, Google Assistant And More: What To Expect From Google I/O 2018

Android P, Google Assistant And More: What To Expect From Google I/O 2018

At Google I/O subsequent week (eight May – to 10 May), you may count on more approximately the new Android OS, Android P, amongst different matters. Google takes the day out at some point of this developer conference each year to inform the world what it will do on all fronts. So right here’s a brief primer on what to anticipate.

Google Assistant

Android P

The modern-day version of Android is already available for builders to play around with, so we’re already aware of most of the large adjustments coming in. However, you can assume Google will talk about how it all comes together and some of the extra technical details builders will want to evolve to. Most importantly, a new gesture-based totally control gadget is coming to Android P; though it’s feasible, this will be specific to the Pixel; we’re hoping for a rundown on that, too. Also, while Google commonly only gives away the call of a brand new Android OS while it launches, it’s viable we’ll see a touch at I/O. Popsicles everybody?

Wear OS

A couple of years ago, smartwatches were all the rage. However, the craze has died down when you consider that. However, Google hasn’t given up on the platform, so it remains visible if I/O brings any modifications to Wear OS. On occasion, a session titled, ‘What’s new with Wear OS’ indicates there’ll certainly be something exciting for wearable enthusiasts to speak about, but it’s everyone’s guess right now.

Chrome OS

 Google I/O The browser-primarily based running gadget is due for a main replacement, and Google I/O could be the appropriate time to show something like that. Among other things, rumors had been swirling that the business enterprise had been trying to supply the platform Linux app compatibility. That’s large information, considering the largest trouble with switching to Chrome OS has been the shortage of native computer apps.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is arguably the most polished of the lot, and it didn’t get that manner because Google let it languish. The software can get a few essential updates, even though what exactly they may be a mystery. It’s viable. We can also see deeper integrations, basically the ability to execute extragranular responsibilities with the assistant, like “take a wide-attitude selfie.” We could also see some new associated hardware, like the clever presentations with the Google Assistant, shown off by Lenovo, LG, and JBL at CES.


Also, count on updates on Android TV, Android Auto, and possibly even a few privacy adjustments. All of this and more, we’ll discover for certain on Tuesday next week.