Android Auto: Google’s head unit for cars defined


It must cross without announcing that the use of your smartphone whilst driving is risky and, in most places, illegal. For years the solution was to suction-cup a sat-nav machine from the likes of TomTom or Garmin to your windscreen, changing the regularly-terrible mapping gadget of the auto

Then cellphone mapping apps improved and people commenced performing on windscreens instead. But so did their masses of each day notifications and distractions inside the form of emails, Instagram Likes and non-forestall WhatsApp organization chats.

The answer is to marry your vehicle’s bodily controls, designed to be accurately used whilst using, with the strength of a telephone. This resulted in Apple and Google coming up with solutions for his or her customers; CarPlay for iPhone owners and Android Auto for Android enthusiasts.

Android Auto

Connect your phone to the dash
What is Android Auto? Android Auto
Android Auto casts a Google Now-like interface onto your car’s infotainment show through USB. It’s not the same as mirroring your telephone onto the auto display the usage of HDMI, because the automobile’s touchscreen, guidance wheel controls, buttons and control knobs stay practical whilst the usage of Android Auto.

But this doesn’t suggest your complete cellphone interface appears on the car’s dashboard display, due to the fact that could still be distracting and dangerous. Instead, Android Auto is greater like a simplified version of Google Now, with the potential to make calls, play track saved in your telephone, ship dictated messages to contacts, and of route use Google Maps.

Calls and messages will come through (although the latter are examine out by way of Google Assistant in preference to performing on-display), but all different notifications are absolutely hidden away in the heritage. You won’t even listen to the ping of a new WhatsApp message until you disconnect your smartphone.

Audio is sent to the automobile’s speakers thru USB for the track without a reduction in sound first-rate, not like with Bluetooth audio streaming. Phone calls are dealt with via Bluetooth arms-loose.

What does Android Auto appear to be?
Although your cellphone‘s processor is used to run Android Auto, your smartphone’s display remains blank while the device is running to prevent distractions. Meanwhile, your automobile’s dashboard display screen is absolutely taken over through the Android Auto interface.

Once you get used to Android Auto, there’s no actual want to go lower back in your vehicle’s system. If you need to, in a few models (like those from VW) a short press of the voice command button makes the auto pay attention, at the same time as a protracted press summons Google Assistant.

Android Auto has an everlasting menu bar at the foot of the screen for quick returning to the maps, telephone or tune app. There is also a button for having access to vehicle facts and diagnostics, but this is not supported through all manufacturers.

Android Auto has to look familiar in case you’ve used Google Now

Android Auto should look familiar in case you’ve used Google Now

The UI stocks load with Google Now. It has that equal card-based totally menu it really is a part of Google’s unified design language, and it’s laid out on a home screen with all of the predictions you’ll count on.Android Auto

Without even having to consider it, Android Auto indicates instructions on where you would possibly need to move. This is based on current searches or your each day routine.

The climate missed name or textual content signals and in-progress song additionally appear within this very glanceable menu – it looks lots like the Android lock display screen with embedded notifications.

The present-day time and your telephone’s signal strength and battery percentage usually seem in the pinnacle-right nook, together with a microphone icon. Tap this and you can communicate to Google Assistant to get directions, make a phone name, send a text message, or maybe ask about the weather, or any random query you’d ask a Google Home smart speaker.

Which apps work with Android Auto?
The answer here is, now not many. But that’s exactly the factor. You don’t really want to recognize about that new Instagram message or Facebook event reminder until you get to your vacation spot beside, so it may be visible, heard or interacted with.

Instead, you could use maps, make calls, ship messages and concentrate to music, plus interact with a small quantity of 1/3-celebration map and message programs.