Choosing A Correct Size For a Room to Install A C Arm


If you are planning to purchase and install a C Arm for testing procedures, there are more than a few precautions you need to take. The size of the room is one of the important aspects you should take note of. The second thing to consider is what type of C arm you want to install. For the best results, choose the C arm size first and then find a room that will be able to fit the machine comfortably.

First considerations

Even for moderately sized C Arm, you want to have a room that is at least 10 feet x 12 feet. This is the minimum size for your room and having a bigger one is better. Many customers who buy used C Arms often complain to their vendors and change their orders after having received a machine because their room was too small for the machine.

At 10 x 12 feet, the C-arm will fit it with the room snugly and although it is adequate, you will find that people undergoing tests and any other person in the room won’t be able to move freely. You want to have some more wiggle room for the best experience. Also note that the lower arm should be able to comfortably go under the table.


Power considerations

Although the size of the room is primarily dictated by the dimensions of the C Arm, power is also very important. Here are some of the most important factors:

· Power consumed by the machine

· Heat generated by the C Arm

· The amount of cooling required for the room

Your C Arm will most likely take about 110 volts and 10 to 16 amperes. A regular outlet works just fine. However, unlike other devices, the machine will work at full power for almost the entire length of its operation. So you want to have a separate outlet for it rather than using other devices along with it Stump Blog.

Also the fluoroscopy procedure will tend to heat up the C Arm a lot, depending on power and duration. The more space you have, the better the dissipation is and your patients will be more comfortable. Also consider how much space you need for the cooling equipment.

Lead shielding

All states in the USA have their own regulations with respect to lead shielding. How much shielding you need to install in your room, also depends on location. For instance, if you have children or pregnant mothers often on the other side of the wall, they are at greater risk of radiation from the C Arm. You therefore need a full dry wall in order to protect them.

In general though, it is a sound idea to install a bit lead shielding than strictly required, in order to keep everybody safe. It is completely inexpensive and all it requires is a little more room. When you factor all this in, you can see that you should really have something bigger than the minimum 120 square feet room for your C-arm.