Important Things to Consider When Buying Bathroom Door Lock


Bathroom locks are one of the essential things in a home that most people don’t consider. The bathroom lock is not just to keep the burglar out but also to stop people from accidentally coming in when bathing. Also, you can slip and get injured in the bathroom, so it is important to install locks that can be easily opened from outside in case of an emergency. Now, let us talk about some important things to consider when buying a bathroom door lock.

 Bathroom Door Lock

  1. The actual level of security and privacy needed The primary purpose of the door lock is to provide privacy and not security. Front door locks are meant to provide security and not bathroom door locks. So your main focus should be on the privacy that you need.

If you have kids at home, you need a type of lock that is not easy to use. It will prevent your kids from locking themselves in the bathroom, and you can easily supervise them. If you want to have complete privacy, the best option is to install locks out of your child’s reach. Also, when you have multiple housemates, you don’t want anyone to walk in when you are taking a shower. So consider the lock that doesn’t open easily on a push from outside.

  1. A lock is easily accessible in case of emergency – You are more likely to slip in the bathroom, leading to injury. Moreover, you may not be well and can fall on the wet floor because of your unconscious. No doubt, the bathroom is where privacy is the only thing that matters, but what in case of emergency? There has to be an alternate so that someone from outside can rescue you in an emergency. Build an emergency entryway in the bathroom door lock. You can even kick down the bathroom door in case of an emergency, but it is not advisable as it can cause more injury to the person inside.

While installing a lock, check if it is easy to bypass the lock; if not, consider a different lock. It is even more important to do when you have older people at home.

  1. Can everyone use it easily – If you are getting something installed in your house, then it is important to see if everyone will be able to use it with ease or not. If someone in your home has a physical disability, then the lock should be simple to use. Suggested is to use standard locks in your bathroom.

If you cannot decide what type of lock to install, you prefer taking the suggestion of a professional locksmith. Because of their experience and knowledge about different locks, they can give better advice.