Reinstalling Operating System Will Not Recover Data


Here is something that receives my blood running, stupidity from pc techs. I get incensed when I listen to what a so-called Dell or HP tech personal does with any individual’s information. This is a cardinal sin when a tech reinstalls OS and overwrites information. Not lengthy ago, a consumer referred to as me frantically about their records difficulty. They informed me that a Dell tech did a disk healing on their gadget, and their records become gone. I always sense bad for such clients, and I actually have desired to do something in my energy to get their facts to them at a very minimal cost. I get pissed off by using the incompetence of such computer technicians. Trust me; we have tried all software programs we realize; however, the information is gone. This is overwritten statistics, oldsters. Overwritten facts can’t be recovered.

Operating System

I even have desired to put in writing a blog approximately this for a while. Now, because I get to hear about comparable trouble, I feel that the time is good to warn you guys.

I am no longer by way of any suggest bashing laptop techs here. I am in information recovery, so whenever somebody or a chum has pc trouble, my first intuition is to back up their statistics earlier than I do something. If, in any respect, I need to assist the coolest techs and assist you men make the high-quality choice when you have a tech, have a look at your laptop.

This client got here and chatted online with me about their facts problem. They had some viruses on the computer laptop and taken their computer to a neighborhood tech. He informed me that they eliminated not simplest the viruses, but the entirety else like his facts and packages.

This is classical for lots pc techs. If they don’t have the skills to restoration the problem, they apply the one solution that works all the time – reinstall.

Oops! They forgot that the customer had crucial information on their tough drive. Oh no! How did they forget approximately that?

Hey! Anybody can reinstall a working gadget, but it takes a super tech to fix the problem. Trust me; I do that too. After exhausting many hours on my pals’ computer to warfare viruses, I reinstall. But hi there! I paintings in data recuperation, so I BACKUP THE DATA earlier than I reinstall.


I forgive them often, but a few people have to name themselves now, not computer technicians if they can’t suppose critically. I don’t know if facts recovery makes me wiser. However, my programming competencies might have given me that know-how.


Ok-what are we saying, and what may be taught right here? Disk restoration, to me, is a misnomer. Disk recuperation does now not include your statistics. DISK RECOVERY IS AN OPERATING SYSTEM RECOVERY. It reinstalls your computer from scratch. That is, it reformats or deploys over the preceding partition. Once you do that, your information can be overwritten. You could be fortunate in case your data can be recovered. I never say never because there are conditions in which it can be recovered. But the bizarre is against you, duration.

What can you do to shield yourself? Listen, it does now not matter what pc shop you use. Even human beings we have to accept as true with, like a Dell tech, make these mistakes. Tell them to back up your information before they paintings on it. Or, you backup your statistics before sending them to them. Take control of the state of affairs.

One side notice:

I had a friend of my cousin who had a few vital statistics on his computer tough force multiple years ago. He despatched the computer to the manufacturer; they changed the hard drive, but the records are misplaced because they discarded the old hard pressure. So, if you have crucial records, get the records out first earlier than sending them to the manufacture. Once you ship it, it is long past.

Another facet is aware:

 Recover Data

I am sorry to say that. But, again, I hear too many follies. I have to proportion and help anyone. Because of information recovery, I recognize what to do and no longer to do. If your server isn’t always running for a few reasons, PLEASE DO NOT RE-INITIALIZE THE ARRAY. You are doing the equal issue that the tech that reinstalled OS did. Hey! There isn’t any excuse for a network technician to discover themselves in this situation. An enterprise can go below because of this. Take heed.

“The remaining word from the dying patient, facts.”

Pierre-Marie is a veteran inside the statistics recovery field and has been involved in heaps of information recoveries. The stories about these recoveries are limitless. This is why these articles are written to help in preventing facts loss.