Spy apps for android: Learn how to install them on Android devices


How do I Install Spy Apps for Android?

With Android phone

Add Crazy  becoming a tool for all types of illegal activities, the need for monitoring these devices is becoming necessary for all concerned parties. For instance, parents are getting apprehensive with the way their underage kids are using or abusing their mobile phones. On the other hand, employers are worried about the wastage of office hours by employees. For such parents and employers, installing spy apps for Android on handsets from a reputable vendor like https://www.mspy.com/android-spy.html is an ideal solution for spying on such errant staff and children. However, the success of the spying mission will depend on how you handle this critical stage—installation. This is because without correct installation, getting desired results becomes a challenge. This post is going to share out a six-step process on how you can install these apps correctly.

Go to the phone’s home screen

Move to the phone’s Home Screen and look for the web browser icon. Depending on what you installed, it could be Opera Mini or Google Chrome.

Get to the address bar

After locating this bar, you can swipe from the screen’s top to get to the search bar. After the bar has appeared, you will type in the special code the vendor of the application gave you upon purchase. Ensure that you enter the code in its exact form so that you do not get error messages. Next, tap on the “Go” button and start downloading the application onto your Android handset.


Accessing the file of the spy apps for Android

After downloading the application, users can access it in two different forms: The first form entails swiping down from the Home Screen to display the file. When the file displays, tapping on the files is mandatory since it allows the application to start installing. The second option is going to the Downloads folder of the handset to find it and then tapping on it from there. After tapping on the downloaded file, the application will start installing. However, there will be a difference in the installation process based on the brand of your Android phone. Therefore, check the specific handset you are using since some of these mobile phones require tapping on the “Accept” or “Install” buttons for several times.

Entering the activation key

Once you are have downloaded and installed the app, it is necessary to type in the license key to launch the application and pave the way for your device to begin communicating with the monitoring app’s server. It is mandatory to pay attention to this activation because it is supposed to safeguard the software against pirates and protect you from the attempts of hackers to access your sensitive details. This key forms a buffer between the phone and the remotely functioning spy app so that the process of receiving information from the handset is not disrupted. Additionally, the protection barrier allows software’s server to organize the data it receives and display it on the screen of your handset. This way, the spying process takes place safely and successfully.

Entering the mobile phone number

Based on the kind of spyware you have installed, it is necessary to enter the mobile number of the handset you’ve targeted for spying below the license key area. When entering the phone number, you should remember to include the code of the country in which the number was registered. For instance, when entering a UK number, input it this way: +44-344-778-7575. Making the correct entry allows you to track the handset correctly and read all the details the application has spied on.

Getting a success or failure notification

After entering the license key and handset number, the system sends you a notification stating that the activation process either succeeded or failed. This notification is critical because it’s the only way to ascertain that the phone is now connected to the application’s remote server for monitoring. To ascertain, check for it on your handset’s screen.

Activating privacy

This stage is critical since forgetting it can sabotage the entire tracking process by losing its privacy. Deleting the software’s icon from the handset is mandatory so that the user does not detect its presence. You will do this by tapping on the Apps icon to locate the Download icon and tap on it as well. Next, find the file that you are supposed to erase and tap on it, and then select “delete” from the menu. After completing the deleting process, the app will remain behind the scenes and allow you to enjoy your monitoring process secretly.

Spy apps are great tools for spying on Android phones. By following the six simple steps we have shared in this post, you will be in a better position to succeed in your installation process.