8 Expert Qualities That Make a Good Real Estate Agent


If you are a person trying to buy a house or trying to sell a house, then you must need a real estate agent. Though, there are lots of real estate agents in every corner of the city nowadays, you need some one who would be reliable and can give you an apartment in the best price, or who can sell your apartment at the best price.

Here, in this article, we would look at some of the qualities that make a real estate agent good for you. Let’s start!


If you are selling a house, or want to buy a house through a real estate agent, you always need to communicate with your agent, as to where you stand in terms of the deal. For instance, if you are selling you would want to know that if the buyer is actually interested in your offer, or your apartment as a matter of fact, and that information can only be obtained from the agent. Or, if you want to buy a house, and your agent is negotiating the price for you, then also you need to communicate with your agent, if the seller has accepted your price or not.


The real estate market is a fast market, hence, it is very important for an agent to communicate with the client from time to time to let him/her know about the exact situation of the deal, so that he/she can move on, or stay with the current buyer/seller.


As communication is important, it is also important for the agent to be very proactive. For instance, they should be calling up potential customers or buyers, as soon as a deal goes off between the previous seller or buyer. He should be chasing new leads, so that if one lead somehow doesn’t work, he has a plan B.


Listening is considered to be a gift in the real estate business. If an agent can listen to all your needs, and take a note down in his diary or phone, then consider him/her better than any other agents. It is very important that your agent listens to your priorities first, since, when he/she will be searching for an apartment to buy, or a buyer to buy in case you are selling your apartment, he would have to go according to your needs. Hence, it is really important that he/she understands your needs first, and then take the necessary actions.

Client Motivated

It is very important for an agent to be client motivated because of the simple reason that, if the client gets profited by a huge amount, simultaneously the agent gets profited by a huge amount as well. Hence, if the agent is motivated to what the client wants, he’s doing himself a favor.

Adaptation to Their Client’s Needs

Sometimes clients do not like the agent calling them now and then, to inform about the changing situation, but they do want information’s from time to time via messages or voice messages, which they can listen to afterwards, once they are done with more important works. Hence, a good agent will adapt to his/her client’s needs.

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