Common Garage Door Problems You Can Have Repaired


The most important thing when it comes to one’s property is security. Our garages house apart from our cars and bikes a lot of other important equipment which is required for a proper day-to-day functioning of the household. The garage door is what keeps all this protected. Unfortunately, this protection, because of daily use and much wear and tear can face problems. It can be frustrating when it does not function properly. But one need not worry; the garage door can be brought back to a perfect condition by just a few repairs.

1. Sticky door – Sticky doors disrupt the functioning while opening or closing the doors. One thing to note is that it is mostly a seasonal phenomenon hence if nay lubricant is used, then it will be affected by the weather and temperature therefore it is advisable to lubricate the track accordingly. One should keep removing any debris around the door as that can also obstruct its functioning. In manual doors this usually happens because of the obstruction of the wheel track and with remote-controlled doors, the switches, sensors and battery should be checked first. If nothing works, then an expert should be called in.

2. Broken door springs – The door springs can get damaged or break from the daily opening and closing of the door. Broken springs mean that the door will be sticky or move unevenly or seem to move from side to side. For a good service, the springs should be of the same length and stretch. This is something best left to professionals.


3. Faulty door opener – One of the most common problems with garage doors in a faulty door opener. Usually in case of a remote controlled opener, the problem could be due to switches or batteries, if not, the tracks and cables could be in need of a check. The door might require some slight adjustments and some replacing of obsolete gears to get back to its full functionality. A garage door opener service can be easily availed from your nearest service provided.
4. Loud noises – Sometimes lack of lubrication or stuck debris and dirt on tracks can cause loud noises such squealing, screeching or grinding noises while opening and closing the doors. The door can easily be repaired by cleaning up the debris and applying a lubricator to the entire track. Special garage oils are available that can resolve the problem in seconds. However, if the problem still persists, an expert can be called into look into the additional cause.

5. Dented panels – Because of the space they occupy, dents are unavoidable on garage doors. This kind of repair should be handed over to experts as garage doors are structured differently and panels contain a number of layers which can safely be repaired by experts.

Other services like those related to remote controlled doors’ switches and sensors can also be handled easily by experts. For over the past 20 years, Express Garage Doors has been serving customers in Toronto, Ontario and its surrounding areas. Their technicians specialize in garage door installation and garage door repair.  They install and repair cables, panels, pulleys, springs, hinges sheaves, brackets and much more by providing premium service with the lowest prices in the entire borough of Toronto.