All IIT Aspirants Must Read These 10 Books


The competition of JEE Main is not unknown, and almost everyone is acquainted with the fact that the exam is very tough and is getting tougher with every passing year. If we consider the competition with respect to JEE Advanced, it is true that a large number of candidates do not get shortlisted to appear for it due to their inability to crack JEE Main but however, one cannot neglect the high competition of JEE Advanced.


Almost 11,76,564 candidates have applied for the Joint Entrance Examination 2018 which is scheduled to be held in April. Candidates can expect their admit cards from the second week of March only from the official website.

Competitive exams give the students an edge of getting into reputed educational institutions like the IIT’s. They must prepare well for the same as it will be the stepping stone towards the advent of a new opportunity in life. So all the IIT aspirants, get ahead and crack the exam with by studying these books which are mandatory for the aspirants.


  1. Plane Trigonometry

This textbook by the author Sidney Luxton Loney is one of the best books one can get. Through this book, one can clear his or her concepts in this domain, this book will give access to a large number of examples, special tricks and practical problems which will help the candidate at the end.

  1. Concepts of Physics

It is difficult to find a single candidate who has not heard of this book by H.C Verma. Every concept, every analysis is expressed in such a manner which is extremely valuable for every aspirant. In a nutshell, this book is enough to clear all the hard concepts of Physics.

  1. Understanding Physics for JEE Main and Advanced Mechanics

The author D.C Pandey has simplified the problems which many students face in Physics. They can strengthen their problem-solving skills by practicing the problems from this book. It is a wise decision to opt for this book.

  1. Problems in General Physics

As we all know, Physics is all about understanding the fundamental concepts. This book by Igor Irodov is one of the best books which one can collect. This book can help one to clear all his or her basic concepts so that their approach towards Physics can be more refined from every aspect.

  1. Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations

A large portion of the Physical Chemistry is filled up with numerical problems, so if anyone is clear with the basic concepts, he or she can easily secure good marks in this section. This book by R.C Mukherjee is one of the best resources which one can opt for.

  1. Reactions, Rearrangements, and Reagents

This book by S.N Sanyal is the perfect book which will help the candidates to prepare well for the examination. This book contains all the important concepts and formula of Chemistry and all the information are present in a precise way.

  1. Wiley’s Solomons and Fryhle’s Organic Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced

 This book by M.S Chouhan guarantees better marks in the Organic Chemistry section. The questions in the Chemistry section are full of questions from the Organic portion and this book will help the candidates to understand every nook and cranny of this particular domain.

  1. The power of Vedic Maths

      Vedic Maths is still a partially explored field. In the modern day, several students prefer to adopt the methods of Vedic Mathematics so that they can solve the problems in a shorter span of time. This book by Atul Gupta brings a student in contact with this domain, simplifying the problem-solving capacity.

  1. J.D Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced

This book by Sudarshan Guha is perhaps the best book considering the competitiveness of the exam. This is because this book provides quality examples and important tricks which will help the candidates to solve the problems. Thus the aspirants should not miss buying this book.

  1. Problems in Calculus of One Variable

Ian Maron, an excellent author has brought this book for the IIT aspirants. Apart from the regular study materials, the candidates can refer this book to learn the variation of the problems available in this particular field.

The above-mentioned books should not be missed by the IIT aspirants, these books will enable the aspirants to come across the important concepts which are essential to crack the JEE Main examination. These books will help the candidates to move one step ahead in their course of preparation which will facilitate to improve their performance in the examination.