Internships in the Entertainment Industry to Boost Your Career


One of the greatest ways to get a job in the entertainment industry is to get an internship while you are studying. When you work an internship, it means that you get college credit and direct experience, but you don’t get paid for it. Not only do they give you a lot of experience, they also allow you to start building up an important network of contacts. Plus, they are often required for completion of entertainment industry programs.

When Should You Do an Internship?

When you have to start your internship will generally depend on the program that you have chosen. Some schools have it as a requirement in the final year, others allow you to do it at any time during your program. What matters is that you can do an experience that really allows you to get to know the industry, which means you should commit to doing it at least three days a week for about three to four months. This will really enable you to become a team member and start to make those important contacts.

Don’t be tempted to use your short breaks to intern. While you may still be able to complete the necessary credits overall, you won’t really be able to learn much, and you won’t be remembered. Instead, dedicate an entire semester to your internship if you can. If that is not a possibility, then use your entire summer break at least, but then try to increase the number of days you actually intern Blogging Kits.


It is generally best to complete your internship the semester before you will graduate. This is because your knowledge will be almost fully complete at that point, and you will truly be able to apply the things that you have learned. Furthermore, you will actually be looking for a job soon thereafter, so it is good to still be in people’s minds and to still be relevant.

Finding an Internship in the Entertainment Industry

1. If you are currently enrolled in a music program, then it is likely that your school will have contact details for possible internships. There should be a coordinator available that can help you find and secure a placement. They will also ensure your credits are updated.

2. Speak to alumni from the school you are enrolled in to ask where they had their internships. Not everybody will find an internship through the school, which means you may be able to find a far more interesting placement by looking outside yourself.

3. Speak to everybody you know, from your babysitter to your grocery store checkout boy, and ask if they happen to have contacts. The entertainment industry is tight, and it is often more about who you know than about what you know. And you never know whether someone you know knows someone in the industry!

4. Use Google. The biggest entertainment industry of all is the internet nowadays. Use it to your advantage to find your perfect internship.