Anatomy of anemail: Anthropologie


With the increase in the competition in every sphere of businesses, it has become more challenging for owners to come up with the strategies that cannot only bring them the potential customers but also improve their overall reputation. When it comes to marketing, you must make sure that no stone remains unturned. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with people because the content goes into the inbox of people. They access their emails on a regular basis. The smart phones have made things much easier than before because people can access their emails on their phones. They don’t have to open their desktops and laptops. However, the content of the email should be convincing enough to grab the attention of people in the best possible manner.

With in-store visuals that belong more in an art gallery than a mall, you can imagine the kind of designers behind these visions come to life. The same thing is happening with sending emails. You have to think structurally and always pay attention to details (topic, object, body part etc). You know, the type of people who truly put their heart and soul when building the anatomy of their emails.  We tried to figure out how to improve our email-marketing skills and found a very good article on Emma which will introduce you to the beauty of email anatomy and why it works:

7 takeawaysforyourownmarketingstrategy

1. Don’tbeafraidtoswitchupyourheader.

Themonogram “A” intheheaderremindsthereaderwhotheemailisfrom, butappears a littlemorepersonalthantheirtraditionallogo. The “2018 gifting” inhandwrittenfontalsogivesoff a cozyholidayletterfeel.

2. Organizeyouremailin a creativewaythatmaintainsvisualinterest.

Theheroesofthisemailareundoubtedlythehand-paintedpersonas. Notonlydotheycreateandcontinuevisualinterestthroughtheentiretyoftheemail, theyalsohelporganizethecontentandintroducethenextpersontobequoted. Organizationdoesn’talwayshavetoendwithlistsandgraphs—Considerpresentinginformationin a creativeway!

3. Looktoyourin-houseexpertsforcontent.

WhilewealreadyknowAnthropologieproducesbeautifulproducts, it’sfuntoheartheirin-houseexpertsspeaktotheirwork. It’skindoflikeaskingyourserverwhattheirfavoritethingisonthemenu. Thecontentisinterestingbecausetheyknowtheproductsbest, butitalsobuildstheircredibilityasfashionanddesignexperts!

4. Matchthetoneofyourcopywiththestyleofyourdesign. 

Thesequotesdon’tincludeanysaleslanguageatall, butbecausethere’s a real, truehumanelementbehindthem, theyarelikelytobeeffective. Thiscopychoicecreates a thoughtfultone, liketalkingto a friend. Itpairswellwiththeapproachabledesignstyle.

5. Createcohesiveness.

Herewesee a nodtothehandwrittenstylefromtheheaderfonts. It’simportanttocontinuethethemesyoubegin, andAnthropologiehasdone a greatjobofintentionallyemphasizing a friendlytoneusingeveryelement.

6. Usecausemarketingtosupportnonprofitorganizations.

Justwhenwethoughtitcouldn’tgetanybetter, Anthropologieusescausemarketing! Bymentioningthat a portionofsaleswillgotoward Project NightNight, theyshowwhattheystandforas a companyandmakethereaderfeelgoodaboutanypurchasestheymake.

7. Don’tadddistractions.

Atthefooteroftheemail, weseelinkstoothermerchandisecategoriesintastefulneutralcolorsthatdon’ttakeawayfromthefocalpointsoftheemail.


Anthropologieis a greatexampleof a companywhodelivers a messagein a waythatsurprisesanddelightstheircustomers. Fromcustomizeddesigntothoughtfulcopy, they’vethoughtofeverythingneededtocreateanintentionalemailexperience. Consideraddingsomeoftheseelementstoyournextsend, andshowyoursubscriberstheyareworththeinvestment.