Virtual Home Tours as a Marketing Tool – Are They Effective?


Marketing techniques change with the development of technology, from print ads to Search Engine Optimization and content marketing, the evolution of marketing in the past decade has never ceased to amaze its audience. With the development of virtual reality and augmented reality, a Pandora box of new possibilities in this field has been opened. Property is not a liquid asset, and it might take months and sometimes years to find the correct offer for your property. Online websites are flooded with listings in the form of alluring images and videos, putting a sign in front of your house is also not sufficient. Thus, an innovative and distinct way has to be found which will lure the prospective customers and buyers towards the property.
Genius Zone

Virtual home tours provide such an opportunity for the homeowners and make their listings stand apart from the normal ones. This includes creating a 3D simulation of the property which gives a full and detailed view of the property’s interior and exterior. This can be done by using multiple images, videos and a panoramic 360-degree view of different rooms and facilities in the home. To understand this technique in greater details it becomes important to get in-depth details of how virtual home tours can be made and why they are much more effective.


Why is it practical

Property hunting might take a lot of time and you might have to take hours from your busy schedule to find your dream home. Most of the properties you look at might be overpriced due to commission charges of the brokers, the rest might not just be the thing which you are looking for. Virtual home tours have been successful as they save the time of both the owners and prospective buyers as they get a full and detailed view of the house and can shortlist the properties based on such a tour. They can practically feel the experience of being in the home while sitting in their homes.

This is the most economical and effective way in which the buyers of the property take a look at it without being physically present at the location and in this way, save time and cost of fuel.

The Differentiator

What makes one virtual tour different and more appealing from the others are the add-ons experience which can be added to make the experience more life-like and interesting. People have started introducing music, captions etc. in the virtual tours. To explain the facilities better, they have introduced giving voice-overs in the video to clarify and boast about the fixtures, design or materials used in the construction.

Including interactive maps and panoramic views of the house has made the prospective buyers clearer about the property and buying decision. To make such virtual home tours, you might not need any specialized knowledge too. Smartphones and computers come with applications which can create such tours without any hurdle.