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Temporary Staffing – A cost effective way to recruit right candidate

Temporary Staffing – A cost effective way to recruit right candidate

Today, when the population is growing with a growing demand for employment, recruitment has become pivotal to manage the jobs. Every year, millions of people get employed in various jobs, and still, millions don’t get any. Fake ads, discrimination, and several other factors hinder the employment rate.

Temporary Staffing

Recruitment can be a tedious job, and it is even demeaned at some places by introducing some illegitimate practices. Hence, recruiters are not welcomed everywhere. They are considered to be everything that is wrong with the job market and are disrespected.

There are many recruiters out there who work honestly with complete legitimacy and transparency. But not every recruiter has such ways of working. To give a positive start to your job search, it is important to be confronted with some things which will come along the way.

1. Fake Job Ads

Numerous recruitment agencies follow this false trick to attract candidates. They take advantage of the policy of keeping their client information confidential and generate openings that don’t really exist. There is nothing wrong with it. But because of the clients’ confidential information, you have no way of verifying if there is actually a position open. If you go to their client directly, you are deterring their ability to do business.


So, there are a few things which should be asked of the agency beforehand. Ask for the detailed job description and the position for which the opening is presented.

candidate Also, ask for the date by which the position needs to be filled. The location where the client company is situated is also an important point to note. And most importantly, you should question the number of candidates that have been placed with that client before.

2. Scams

Although there is nothing wrong with keeping the client’s information confidential, it is difficult to acquire personal information about the candidate before placing them for a job. Many recruitment companies attempt to seek the SSN or SIN number of the candidates along with the direct deposit information, etc. If your recruiter attempts to derive any of this information from you, you must be alarmed.

Therefore, you must do the research on your part about your recruiter before submitting any such information. If possible, you should also meet them in person beforehand.

3. Discrimination

Discrimination exists everywhere, even if you apply directly to a company. It is not compulsory to submit your CV to your recruiter in Canada, the USA, and most West. Your resume, in fact, is immediately discarded. If the recruiters interview you and then decide not to offer you a position, you are on grounds to sue them for discrimination.

Majorly, the cause of discrimination is the client or the company which is giving out the position. They specifically ask for a particular gender, appearance, skills, etc. However, the major basis of discrimination is nationality.

4. Misleading Ads

Recruiting companies have this notion that the more nicely they dress up a job, the number of candidates will apply, and hence, they will be able to fill several positions. To fulfill this desire, they often post misleading ads giving out incomplete information which seems very attractive to candidates. The companies either lie or hide the truth.



In such cases, when the position seems too good to be true, it is best to meet up with the company and clear your doubts right away as there can be many terms and conditions attached to the job that you do not know about.

There are a handful of bad recruiters with bad intentions, but most recruiters have good intentions of finding the right candidate for a position by the right means. In this world where it is already a hard task to find a job, you must choose the right recruiter to make your life easier and not more difficult. GTA Recruitment offers jobs to skilled and unskilled labor with complete transparency. Have a look to find what suits you.