Why Birds Keeping Flying into Your Windows


Imagine a little bird landing to grab a little worm. It flies back up and smacks against your window with a deafening ‘thud.’ Luckily, it only glanced at your window and was able to recover, but not all birds are so lucky. In fact, thousands of birds die each year by flying into domestic windows.


Why Birds Fly into Windows

Very put, a bird cannot see glass. They see reflections of the sky and trees and believe that they are real. They sometimes even see something in your house that looks interesting and try to fly towards them, literally colliding head-on with your window. Luckily, you can eliminate this problem, My Pro Blog.

Being actively involved in saving birds is something that we should all commit to. After all, we are the ones that have invaded their natural habitat and put windows there for them to fly into. If you hang some objects inside or outside of your window, then the reflections the birds see are broken up, and they will stop flying into them.


You may feel that decorating your window in any way ruins your personal view. After all, you have a window to allow outside light to come in and enjoy the view. However, nobody is suggesting you completely cover your window. Instead, it would help if you thought about making it decorative so that it saves the birds on the one hand and is enjoyable for you on the other. You may as well, in that case, simply close the curtains all day long.

Consider, for instance, the fun decorative window decals. You can get these from most online stores, including wild bird suppliers, but also in various home décor stores on your high street. Some of the decals offered through wild bird suppliers often have UV reflective technology, which means you can’t see them, but the birds do. But even simple, colorful, and fun decals, which are also enjoyable for you, work just as well.

You could also hang some things in front of your window. For instance, there are now little bird feeders that you can stick on your window with suction cups. These have three tremendous benefits. Firstly, they mean that birds will no longer collide with your window. Secondly, you will also feed the wild bird population, and they need all the help they can get as humans continue to destroy their natural habitat. Lastly, it is delightful to sit and watch the birds eat right in front of you.

These are just some of the options out there that can help you protect the bird population without having to cut yourself off from the outside world completely. It is about thinking outside of the box and being creative with your ideas. Window collisions can be avoided, meaning you are actively participating in ending bird suffering and death. There is nothing worse than finding a bird corpse outside your window or a severely injured bird that is dying, after all.