Now windows user can also handle Mac desktop with Mac tips


The interface is superficially the same; however, in a broad sense, distinctive.; The Mac operating system has various useful features and shortcuts that Windows lacks that can make working on a Mac truly easy. , While Windows has numerous functions that are not present on Apple’s operating system, this article will focus on a couple of tips to help transition over to a Mac a little easier.

desktop Macs are more shortcuts driven.

Mac desktops are significantly more shortcut driven, with the user ready to do a considerable measure more things all the more easily through shrewd use of the keyboard. On a Mac, the Apple key replaces the usefulness of the Ctrl key on a Windows keyboard. There is no Windows key, and in its place is the Alt button, with Ctrl and shift staying in the same places.


Many of the most generally used Windows shortcuts are replicated on a Mac operating system, so Apple+C is for duplicate, Apple+V is for paste, and Apple+MAC is for a cut. Taking in these keys and making full use of them is an excellent, efficient instrument while doing long, exhausting redundant tasks that don’t oblige much thought yet a considerable measure of clicks. Similarly, Apple+F is useful for discovering and searching through documents and web pages, much like the Windows variant.

PC takes screenshots

What is much easier on a Mac desktop than a PC is taking screenshots of areas on your desktop. Hit the key Apple+Shift+4, and your cursor will change to a crosshair that you can use to drag a container. When you’re set dragging, a screenshot will be made of the range inside the container you made, making a picture on your desktop.

Show desktop button

If you have to see your desktop, you’ll see how easy it is in Windows; you can click the show desktop button on the taskbar. OS MAC does not have this button as the taskbar works unexpectedly. Be that as it may, they have what I consider to be the best feature of the Mac operating system, and that is hot corners. To see the desktop, just drag your mouse cursor into the base right or base left-hand corners of your screen. You’ll see every one of your windows is minimized, and you can see the Mac desktop to open up any files you require.

Ability to move the cursor

The ability to move the cursor into one of the top corners of the screen to have the capacity to see each window you have opened at the time is an incredible feature. You can then click the window you need, and it’s conveyed to the front. This feature is a truly extraordinary expansion if you tend to work with many windows open at one time and need to switch between them a considerable measure. This feature in Windows is truly missing, and you will miss OS MAC when working on a PC.

In time you’ll come to appreciate the diverse features of every operating system and wish that someone would unite the best features of both into one system that you could use.