Blackberry Vs iPhone – The Differences and Despair Caused by means of Moving From One to Another


At an assembly I attended. Lately, I located that I became the whole outcast of the opposite 18 people around the table. I turned into the best one with a Blackberry, and absolutely everyone else had an iPhone. Every proprietor of an iPhone I have ever talked to raves approximately it; however, I have by no means met someone who has been a ‘convert’ from a Blackberry.


I even have used Blackberries in diverse bureaucracy for several years. My final two have been Blackberry Pearls. These are a similar size to a regular cellular cellphone with a small qwerty keyboard that allows you to type one or lines of reply to pressing emails, at the same time as preserving up to date with all incoming correspondence and without having to hold something the size of a small u. S. Round for your pocket.

I even have cherished the Blackberry, but with all of us telling me to get an iPhone, I even have, in the end, succumbed this month and made the switch. Having surfed the net, I have even located diverse comparisons of the two gadgets; however, none describes the ache of moving from one phone to any other, and none describes the professionals and cons of every.

If you have got a blackberry and are considering the move over, then study on! Please be aware that I am now not especially technical-minded. I am only a user. When I have a hassle, I study on the internet to see if my hassle may be solved.

A bit approximately me and how I use my blackberry. I run an internet wine trader wherein people can buy wine online. I also paintings as a representative Finance Director for several companies. As such, I have around 10 email money owed that I like to examine simultaneously as out and about. Some require on-the-spot responses, but it is widespread; I no longer write prolonged replies till I am back in the front of a PC. I tour loads, and so roaming costs are crucial, and I also have a separate iPod that I use for video/song.

 Blackberry Vs iPhone

Since receiving my new iPhone, I suppose I have spent two whole days doing the conversion from the blackberry. The first element is to transfer all of my contacts to the new cellphone. Be conscious! Be very aware. I actually have my contacts from my previous phones on the SIM card. However, any new contacts inputted onto my blackberry are stored on the telephone and no longer the SIM card. There isn’t any ‘mass replica’ characteristic at the Blackberry. You have to copy any contacts you want to take with you separately. The technical people say that this is because antique fashion SIM contacts and call numbers are obsolete technology and that each of your contacts ought to have a complete biography written about them. I am an antique school consumer, and I like having one individual with one or smartphone numbers saved, so I had to copy all of those across one after the other, although I ended up, without a doubt, re-getting into them on the iPhone. In the blackberry, my contacts are called ‘Bob cellular,’ ‘Bob Home,’ or ‘Jim cell.’ Unfortunately, inside the iPhone means that I now have over 100 people with a surname of mobile. Even worse, whilst you input ‘bob’ in the cellphone ebook, it simplest searches on surnames. In blackberry, getting into ‘bob’ might imply a shortlist of human beings with ‘bob’ at any point of their names. I, therefore, have to re-edit all people’s names (any other day’s work).

Perhaps the largest shock has been the control of the emails. As formerly stated, I have 10 email debts. In blackberry, all of these are controlled beneath one inbox, and as new emails come in, they truly form up in a line, equipped to be read. When replying, if you need to reply to an extraordinary e-mail account, that is very smooth. The iPhone but has all the email money owed separately. Although you’ve got a summary display that tells you which ones money owed have new messages, you have to go into every account, study the message, come returned to the precise display, and move into the other account. There is not no manner of managing all your messages together.


Worse than this is that in case you want to connect to a Microsoft Exchange server, as soon as you set off ‘SSL’ (which you need to do to get the issue to paintings), you have to input a minimum four-letter password every time you need to look at your telephone. In this manner, if you pick up your cell phone to check the time, make a call, and check when you have any emails, you have to enter the passcode. Incredibly frustrating! There are many blogs on the internet telling you how to turn this off if you happen to interchange it by way of mistake; however, because of this, the particular email address no longer features. The best manner to get around that is to forward all the emails to a Gmail account. So when you have an electronic mail account as a.B@c.Com, install a Gmail account along with the lines of a.B.C@gmail.Com. However, which means that any replies despatched from this account are from Gmail and not from c.Com.

The iPhone works with the aid of having one domestic button, which takes you to a home display from where you start to dip into contacts, calendars, emails, and so forth. The principal trouble right here is that there’s no ‘returned’ key that we are all used to. So in case, you are in one feature (say emails) and you need to head and have a look at calendars, you have to preserve getting into and out of the house display screen to get everywhere.

Battery life is a trouble. Remember when cellular phones first came out, and you needed to rate them every day or maybe every 12 hours. Today, we are in an afternoon and age wherein battery existence on telephones can enlarge per week with a confined use or a few days with extended use. Unless you have got an iPhone in which it is back to the ice ages. Recharging a telephone ordinary approach taking any other wire, adaptor, plug, etc., with me wherever I move.

So far, all of this is negative. The primary nice aspect of the iPhone is that it is an entertainment device, in preference to a smartphone. I can now use the telephone instead of my iPod. I can check climate reviews, percentage prices, sports activities information, or something else extra quick and without problems (at a push of a button) than I ever could with the blackberry. Browsing the net and even searching to buy Wine presents is simpler with the iPhone. I can download movies (even though the use of my very own DVDs nevertheless stays a greater hassle than it is worth doing). There are over 100,000 ‘APPS’ that may be downloaded, and many of them are pretty a laugh. The first-class one so far must be the potential to program my Sky field at domestic from everywhere in the globe!

Oh, and if you do travel abroad, the statistics expenses are big. I am no longer sure how or why, however with blackberry, you can nation ‘best download 10kb of statistics from each e-mail as a default. If you want greater, then sincerely download the rest of the e-mail. With the iPhone, you have similar settings about downloading limits and pics. However, it appears to disregard them and download the entirety. In the primary 3 days, I ran up £80 of facts charges whilst inside the UK. I switched to an unlimited tariff; however, this best applies in the UK. Overseas statistics nonetheless price a fortune, and I can’t forestall this (except I definitely flip off the roaming facts and lose all email touch). I think that is something to do with the manner the iPhone downloads emails every time. I do not, in reality, care about why it takes place; I do care that it charges a fortune to use (without the trouble of having to connect over wifi networks).

So, in summary, blackberry or iPhone? The blackberry is a top-notch business device for dealing with emails and vintage-style contact lists and calendars. It is simple to apply, with extended battery life, and is cheap while roaming. The iPhone is an entertainment tool, which also manages emails, new style contacts, new fashion calendars, connections, and many others. They are separate gadgets with different purposes. If you are a commercial enterprise man or woman who has used Blackberries for some time, I might advise you to stay with the blackberry. Because I even have spent all of this time changing to the iPhone, I will now maintain it; however, it is hanker after the blackberry’s clean use.