10 Amazing Reasons To Call Guests Over This Diwali


Decorating your home for Diwali is exciting. Instead of the same decoration ideas, how about trying something new this time?

 Amazing Reasons

Image Source – https://image.rewardme.in/Assets/Modules/Editorial/Article/Images/home-design-a-stylist-touch-2-size-2.jpg Houses look beautiful during Diwali. It is a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate the festival. For me, it is also a time to show off how beautiful my home can look. Let me share some of my Diwali decoration ideas with you.
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#1 Hanging lights

Not the usual string of lights, but actual lanterns. You can either have bulbs or pick up those that need oil and a wick. The latter takes a little effort to manage all through Diwali, but believe me; it is worth it.

#2 Cellophane shades

Don’t worry if you don’t have lampshades in your rooms because it’s a rented apartment. Get some bright cellophane paper and cover the lights in the room for your Diwali decoration. You can also change the bulbs for a warmer or brighter color.

#3 Wall decals

Have you given any thought to wall decals? Since the house has been cleaned thoroughly, you can get a beautiful design on one of your concept walls. It can be connected to Diwali or be a reflection of who you are. Remember, decals are almost always permanent.


#4 Decorative cushions

This is when you can bring out your special cushions—Usher in an air of festivity with brightly colored cushions in beautiful designs and with a Diwali theme.

#5 Coasters

Could I interest you in some DIY Diwali decorations? Fashion coasters using artificial mirrors and glass. In one shot, you can make traditional or contemporary designs and stick them on CDs or cardboard cut-outs—utility and aesthetics.

#6 Chocolate bouquets

Wrap chocolates in bright paper and make a bouquet out of them. Display these around the house. They look pretty and can also be given out to children as Diwali treats.

#7 Create an artsy corner

Put together some earthen pots, flowers, diyas, and dim lights to create an artsy corner. You can do this outside, at the entrance, or make a special corner in your house which guests can enjoy and admire.

#8 Doily lights

Pick up intricate doilies from a store nearby and string them together. Add fairy lights, and you have delicate lighting to make your guests gasp.

#9 Create a holy corner

This is when you can bring the gods out from their usual resting place in the home temple. Place them all around the house and create an environment of divinity in the house.

While you are at this, don’t forget to make a beautiful Rangoli to invite the Goddess to your home this Diwali. Check out these innovative Rangoli ideas you should try this Diwali!

#10 Floor lamps

Do you have any old floor lamps, the brass ones that need oil and a wick? You can find antique-looking ones at a bazaar near you. Place these around the house and bring an Indian touch to the festivities.

Diwali home decoration is fun, and the limitation is only in your mind. These Diwali decoration ideas homes are dying to try out. Call your guests over for some oohs and aahs. And yes, don’t forget to spray Ambi Pur to welcome them with a wonderful fragrance. Get more home décor ideas and simple lifestyle tips to lead a happy life daily at www. reward me.in