Different types of Screens for Roller Shades and Blinds


There are different materials that can be used to make blinds or roller shades, and each material has specific, unique properties. Because of the wide variety of options available, you can choose which material for the blinds in your home, and make sure that the blinds serve the purpose and add to the aesthetic appeal of your home as well. These materials can be used on roller shades, blinds, roman shades, and other related products – increasing the choices that you have to stylize your home.

Different types of Screens for Roller Shades and Blinds 1

Metal blinds are likely to be made out of aluminium, and these blinds are known to be sturdy, and to last a long time. Because of the material used, these blinds are foldable, and do not rust easily. However, metal blinds tend to come in limited colours. Plastic blinds, on the other hand, come in a wide variety of colours to match the aesthetic of the home. Plastic blinds – with the most common plastic being vinyl – are resistant to the wear and tear of extreme weather, and are highly affordable as well Folk Fests.


Wooden blinds are associated with sophistication and style, and provide an old-world elegance to homes. However, wooden blinds are expensive, and can be hard to maintain, because the wood can get affected by sunlight and humidity. Composite wood, on the other hand, is a mixture of wood and synthetic plastic; this means that these blinds have the elegant look of wood, but will be easier to maintain, and easier to afford as well.

Paper screens, or paper blinds, are made of polyester or cotton weaves, and has the texture of paper. The material, thus, is very fragile, and can tear easily. However, this material is easy to print on, and you can print unique designs and customize your blinds for your home.

Insect mesh, on the other hand, is made up of wire mesh or polyester coated vinyl. This provides almost no sun control, but does protect you from insects. Because of the materials used and because of the structure, these screens tend to be easily affordable and easily available on the market.

Blackout screens are made out of vinyl, and this material is closed, and impenetrable. The benefits to vinyl are that it is very durable and easy to clean and maintain. If the blinds are pure vinyl, the blinds become easier to take care of. However, if there are other materials, like suede or linen, along with the vinyl, it becomes more aesthetically appealing, but more difficult to take care of.

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