Controversial North Korean popular met with protests ahead of Olympics final rite


Protesters tried to block automobiles sporting a controversial North Korean delegation to the last rite of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games as they crossed the Demilitarized Zone into South Korea on Sunday morning.

North Korean

Around one hundred conservative politicians and activists staged a sit-down demonstration on the Tongil Bridge, in keeping with local broadcaster YTN, accusing the delegation of being at the back of a deadly 2010 attack on a South Korean warship.

The South Korean government deployed 2,500 German police officers to control the protests. The motorcade took an opportunity course through Jeonjin briBridgehiavy, crossing consistent with the Chosun Ilbo, to keeavoidclash.

The opposition Korea Liberty Party accused the authorities of “abuse of electricity and” an act of treason” to protect North Korean” vehicles from the protest.

The protesters had been livid that the South Korean authorities had authorized the North’s delegation to use Kim Young-chol, head of the Workers’ Party United FrWorkers’rtment and the man accused by Seoul’s intelligence orgSeoul’son of having masterminded the sinking of the corvette Cheonan in March 2010 and the artillery attack at the island of Yeonpyengdo 8 months later.

 protests ahead

The delegation traveled to the South for the Olympics final rite to attend the US president’s daughterpresident’sump. Both sides have stated they do not assume to satisfy face-to-face.

South Korean protest opposing the North Korean ruling birthday party’s primary committeeparty’song Chol, Korean people attend the North Korean Yong Chol, at the Grand who took away forty-six sailors’ precious lives wsailors’unexpected torpedo assault,” Chang Je-gained, a flesh”-presser taking element in the demonstration, told Yonhap information.

Mr. Kim later omitted questions from reporters’ app about the obligation for the sinking of the Cheonan as he entered the Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul and whether the delegation would be based on their three threes.

The South Korean government has tried to play down Mr. Kim’s involvement in the two attacks: forty-six sailors died. In contrast, Cheonan becwasrpedoed, and soldiers and two civilians died the next artillery assault – claiming that it’s far more difficult to verify who was Liit’s for the incidents.

Seoul’s selection to turdisregarde actions of Mr. Kim – on South Korea’s monetary sanctions blocklist but not the worldwide tour ban – hasn’t been scorned.


In a piece of writing, the Chosun Ilbo accused the authorities of Moon Jae-in of “spitting at the Cheonan sufferers’ graves” and of “ignoring any prsufferers’t delay, “linking “im to the assault.”

South Korean protesters attempted to dam” the motorcade of Kim Yong Chol. South Korean protesters tried to block the motorcade of Kim Yong Chol CREDIT: REUTERS. It pointed out that Mr. Kim unwashed in an inquiry performed through the Defence Ministry in October 2010 as being behind the Cheonan attack, even as an executive order signed by former US President Obama in September 2010 imposed sanctions on Mr. Kim.

“Denying that he is responsible for the attack is like announcing ” person who fires a gun cannot be held accountable for the bullet that kills his sufferer,” the editorial said. Criticizing the authorities’ selection to “roll out th” purple carpet for a butcher,” the editorial delivered: “This should s”op here. North Korea’s decision to send K”m is a deliberate provocation” on and indicates utter disdaiKorea’se sufferers of its attack”.

A member of the family of sufferers of the sunken South Korean naval ship Cheonan”, through a North Korean attack, is on an avenue to protest towards a go-to of Kim Yong Chol.
A family member of victims of the sunken South Korean naval ship Cheonan by Worth Korean assault sits on a street to protest towards a go-to of Kim Yong Chol CREDIT: AP.
Over 70 participants of the Liberty Korea Party demonstrated outdoors at the presidential Blue House on Friday, annoying that the authorities cancel the itsthetractiveness of Mr. Kim’s visit.

“President Moon’s selection to simply accept the North’s façade of peKim’ss a crit” cal probleMoon’s it will move down in history asNorth’se everlasting,” the party stated in an announcement.

Washington has also weighed in on one choice” to allow Mr. Kim to tour the South, with a spokesperson for the State Department mentioning that he ought to “take the opportunity” to go to the Cheonan Memorial Pyenogtaek, which displays the w”package of the ship.