How Body Spa Can be Good for Your Health


Numerous spa enticing ads are splashed on the internet every day. They depict atmospheres so serene you want to live the spa life. Going to a spa lets your body be taken care of in a culturally and psychologically acceptable way, which helps us cope better with the stresses of life. Most spa treatments involve our body being touched, which is a major element that helps us feel better and relaxed. Spas have therapeutic benefits. Read on to find out how exactly you can benefit from the spa life.

Good for Your Health


If you have used a spa before, then you are familiar with the jet relaxing effect as well as its known benefits. The jets are streams of water that are focused and which have warm air that is embedded in the flow. This provides a controllable therapeutic massage; and is dependent on the intensity of gentleness you desire to feel. Hot tubs come fitted with nozzles of different quantities, configurations, pressures, and sizes, which are all designed in such a way as to target particular body portions. Jets that are in smaller groups target the muscles on and around your neck.  Several other jets focus on the different parts of your back. There are also larger jet flows that target your entire back and sweep up and down on it close to the spine’s sides. There are also tiny jets that target your wrists and spin around them.  Other jets target your arms, feet, and calves. So the spa’s jets work like a professional masseuse and soothe your sore muscles at any time you feel the need.



All of us, including the fittest of all, carry a lot of weight around our joints. Take, for instance, the ankles and feet; they support close to the entire body’s weight all day, every day. The other joints are always in motion, such as your wrists, elbows, and knees.

The sad thing is that everyone or someone we know has had back pain or something similar at one time in our lives. When you sit in a spa, the water’s natural buoyancy supports close to 90% of your body weight. This support by the water reduces any strain on your joints, allowing them to relax from their daily routine. As you relax in the hot tub, much pressure is reduced on every muscle and joint in your body.


Spending a few minutes in the hot tub will let your body reap some great benefits. When heat is absorbed in your body, several subtle physiological processes take place. Firstly, your blood flow increases as your body become warmer. The blood vessels also dilate as the blood becomes warmer. And under 20 minutes, your blood pressure is reduced.

In addition, the hot water allows your muscles to relax as the heat is transferred deeply into your muscles. In normal conditions, the body cools off by transferring heat from your blood to the skin pores. A spa is different from a bathtub in that a spa maintains the hot water temperature for an indefinite period. Therefore, in a spa your blood re-circulates at a constant temperature. This means that the temperature reaches deep into the body allowing for therapeutic heat to reach where other treatments are unable. Furthermore, the CNS is muted as the body is focused on gaining heat. This allows your body to get pain relief, albeit temporarily.

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