6 Things to Know When Buying Switches and Sockets


What is a ‘Gang’?

When you see a plug socket or a light switch, what is the number of control points on it? If it’s a double socket, it’s 2 gangs; the single socket is 1 gang. Same with a light switch, if it has one switch, it’s 1 gang, two switches, 2 gangs, etc.

What are the 2 ways?

This is a term used to describe how the switch works. A 1-way switch easily breaks the circuit when thrown because it has only one live terminal. A 2-way switch implies a live connection from one terminal to another, allowing it to be connected to another 2-way switch, monitoring one light from two positions.
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Buying Switches and Sockets

What is a Double Pole?

A double pole is a security feature on mains electrical control points that breaks the connection of both the live and neutral terminals giving complete remoteness, permitting maintenance on high-powered appliances.


What is an intermediate switch?

An intermediate switch is for when you are in a necessity to regulate a light from three positions. Think if you have a landing light that wants to be controlled from two ends of the landing and the bottom of the stairs, the switch in the middle of this circuit would be intermediate.

What are finishes available?

There is much more choice than the bog-standard white plastic plates that adorn many thousands of walls across the land. Many metal finishes are available; some of the more common ones are;

Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Black Nickel, Pearl Nickel and Painted White Metal (in gloss or matt)

All metal finishes are available in slim plate depths, from 5mm to super slim 1.5mm, with or without visible screws. It is worth noting that these slim plates won’t fit in anything shallower than a 35mm deep backbox.

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