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Interlocking Stone Driveway

Interlocking Stone Driveway

Many stories have to float around the market, where the customers have been heckling by service provider companies in broad daylight. Every day, tens and hundreds of customers have their property damaged due to inexperienced contractors and have low-quality work done because the contractors do not follow standards of interlocking stone installation. This article lets us see some of the situations that customers face while dealing with inexperienced fake installation contractors. Try Know

Stone Driveway

Often, customers want their installation to be quick, and in most cases, the contractors want more money to finish the project quickly, which is acceptable by the way. But, some of the shady contractors will, in this opportunity, not make the base of the installation in the perfect way, which will do the project to get destroyed after a few days of installation. So, what really happens is that when the customer is not seeing or is busy, the interlocking contractor skims off the grass and then skims off few inches of the soil and installs the Interlocking bricks. Therefore, the job is done quickly, and the contractor gets a huge profit for doing the job in minimum time. Still, the problem is that the base is insufficient to hold the bricks, and hence, the project gets damaged after one or two years, as soon as the supplied warranty is over.


Therefore, to solve this problem, what you should do is, while you are hiring a contractor to do the job, always ask for the installation specifications. When they say the specification, write it on a sheet of paper to verify with other experts. Also, during the first phase of the construction, try to stay at home, or if you can’t stay at home all day, at least try to check in on the workers from time to time. But, if you can’t manage to stay at home or even drop into your home from time to time, let someone be your eyes and ears while you are away, be it a neighbor or a relative. Basically, you want to check if you are getting the things that you actually paid for.

Some people have also complained that the contractor they hired escalated the cost-plan for the project regularly. Okay, so if you are hiring a contractor, you need to know sometimes, the cost might increase due to several reasons like large boulders, finding buried stumps, or unstable grounds around the area where the project is taking place. But, some of the contractors take these ways to attract money from the client unethically. Therefore, whenever you hire a contractor for these types of projects, insist your contractor give you some cost plan that will help you get a sample quote for the project. Also, this plan should have all the details of the jobs included in the plan. So, for example, whenever the contractor asks for money once the project has started, check if the job is already mentioned in the existing quote. If it is, then do not pay the money, and if it’s not there, add the job to the existing quote and ask the contractor to sign it.

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