How Custom Packaging Can Help Small Businesses


Are you a small business owner who probably thinks custom packaging is out of your reach? If the thought of custom packaging scares you, this post is for you! It is a common belief that anything custom ought to be more expensive than its generic counterpart. For this reason, small businesses and startups with limited resources at their disposal never think of custom packaging.

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If you also think it is a waste of money to pay for customizing something that will just be thrown away, you’re making a big mistake. For small businesses, there are some compelling reasons to consider custom packaging. Before we delve into the reasons to consider customization, you need to know something- custom packaging isn’t as expensive as you may think. This is because now small business owners can order customized packaging boxes with low minimums for their business. Also, the new and advanced digital print technology allows for customization with zero tooling costs. You can choose design, color, size, and shape to custom design boxes with your business logo without spending thousands of bucks.

Now moving on further, let’s look at how custom packaging can actually help your small business.

Customization Increases Brand Awareness   

Product packaging plays a significant role in every industry, and your business is no exception to this fact. To distinguish your product from your competitor, you need a custom packaging design. The plain cardboard box not only looks dull but fails to create brand awareness. Your product packaging should not only protect the product but also elicit a positive impression from your customers. This is where a custom printed box with your brand name and logo helps in providing a positive opening experience for your customer and reinforces the brand. So, don’t wait; it’s time to replace those boring brown boxes and bubble wrap with custom packaging to create a wow moment for your customers.

Reap the Benefits of Unboxing Experience

The latest hot trend on social media is sharing an unforgettable ‘unboxing experience.’ You must have seen videos of happy customers on Instagram and Youtube sharing their great unboxing experience with their followers. Who doesn’t like receiving and opening a beautiful box? But there’s nothing memorable about a plain brown cardboard box. An attractive custom box is something to look at, marvel over, and flaunt among friends. When people share their unboxing experience of your product on social media, it works like a free promotion of your small business. If your packaging is eye-catchy enough, social media will spread your brand like wildfire.

Get the Right Size for Optimal Protection

Do you think using a standard size box for shipping all your products is cost-efficient? If so, you may be wrong. Not every product is of the same size and shape. When you use the same standard box for shipping, all the products may require filler materials to protect the product. Contrary to the belief, using a custom-designed box for each item you ship can actually save your money and product. The right-sized box minimizes the need for filler material, thereby reducing your dimensional weight shipping charges.  Moreover, using a custom-sized box to ship your products deliver the best protection.