Make the Most of These Benefits Offered by International Travel Insurance Plans


If you are new to travel, you may have never heard of the word ‘travel insurance’. Travel insurance looks like an unnecessary purchase to most people who travel on a budget. This is because travel insurance is not mandatory. However, many think purchasing it is not compulsory because it is not essential. When traveling, it is always better to be safe than sorry. This is especially true when you are away from home and without support. This is where travel insurance can help you. The following are the benefits that travel insurance offers.

International Travel Insurance Plans

Suppose you slip on the road and the tooth is seriously injured. This can make dental surgery or treatment abroad more expensive, especially in America or Europe. Travel insurance will cover the cost of such dental care abroad if you purchase it in India before your trip. *

  • Personal accident

Accidents can happen anywhere. When going abroad, this risk increases because you do not know the traffic rules of the foreign country. Travel insurance covers expenses incurred due to personal accidents. Unfortunately, if the policyholder dies, the nominee will be paid the sum assured. With the coverage for accidents in place, you should be careful about unexpected traffic situations. *

  • Hospital daily allowance

If you have been admitted to a hospital for a long time, you will need an attendant to watch over your needs. Sometimes, you might need to contact your family and relatives in India. Phone calls and other related expenses from a foreign country can be costly. Under such circumstances, travel insurance will cover such unplanned costs. It provides a daily hospital allowance and medical coverage to cover additional costs. *

  • Delay or loss of check-in luggage

Mistakes can happen even in the ideal processes. Managing checked-in luggage is a well-coordinated process run by people. However, one in four people loses their luggage at the airport. You may be late finding the lost item or lose it completely. In such cases, you may incur unplanned expenses. These can include the cost of purchasing fresh toiletries, clothes, etc. International travel insurance covers such charges if the luggage has been wholly lost or the check-in baggage is delayed more than 12 hours. *

  • Losing a passport

Imagine you are resting in Bali and cannot track your belongings. As a human being, there is no way to ensure this will not happen. If your lost passport is among the belongings, you will be in big trouble. Travel insurance covers your expenses for getting a new temporary visa. *

  • Distress allowance

In the political climate we live in today, you cannot entirely rule out the possibility of a terrorist attack anywhere on land, water, or air. Travel insurance coverage includes compensation in the event of any such incident and any assistance you may need because of being affected by the attack. *

* Standard T&C Apply

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