Landscaping Essentials for Outdoor Living Spaces


If you have a space outside your home or in the back of your yard- Why not utilize it? Don’t you want to create something enjoyable out of it? Something that could be turned into a blend of beauty and functionality. Extending the outdoor space for creating something useful out of it whether it is a beautiful garden that adds to the look of your house or a recreational area where you can invite your friends for a party and fun.

Imagine sitting under the shade of an exquisite pergola decorated with some accessory and flowers, sipping mocktails with your friends and enjoying the view of summers. Who doesn’t want that? If you want to convert your outdoor space into a LaLa Land then here are some outdoor space essentials that you must consider incorporating-

1) Placement of your Outdoor Space-

I would suggest you to keep your outdoor space close to the doorway to your home or the end of the pathway; this way it can directly connect to your indoor space making it more spacious. The pathway or walkways must be made in a manner that they are easy to navigate. You could use different materials like pavers, flagstone and breeze to create the pathway in an iconic style.

Direct traffic to the seating by adding seating walls or retaining walls; otherwise, you can simply arrange your furniture near the landscaping. Create a sense of mystery by introducing plants near your outdoor space by providing a hideaway for creating a more private space away from the prying eyes of the neighbours.

2) Dining and Seating Area-

The best thing you can do is to create different areas for dining and seating in your outdoor space. This could be done by introducing hardscaped areas like multiple patios and decks. For taking it into another level, add a pergola to your deck for protecting you from direct sun rays.

Seating walls are a great space-savers that look stylish as well as add ample space as compared to those bulky, heavy chairs and assists in directing foot traffic.

3) Add a Cooking Space-

For those who have a passion for cooking and inviting friends for food, having a small little owned kitchen with BBQ and griller can do the best. Outdoor kitchens come in various sizes and finishes as per the need of the homeowner. I have seen many homeowners having a patch of spice garden connected with their outdoor kitchen fo using their homegrown spices. Cool Idea Ha!

If you are not a fan of an outdoor kitchen, then adding a firepit with wood pieces or a pizza oven would do.

4) Change the Ambience-

There are different innovative ways to uplift the ambience of the outdoor space. Find the things that bring you the most comfort. Do you like tranquil environment? If yes, then add candles and landscape lighting that soothes your mind or a firepit to feel the warmth. If you want the relaxing sounds, then go for incorporating water features like bubbling brook with the smell of essential oils.