What Is Counseling Psychology


One of the most analysed, observed and deep field of study when it comes to understanding human behaviour and mind is psychology. Intense amount of research has gone into understanding the emotions, attention, cognition, functioning, personality, brains and so on and this goes into a lot of research studies. There are various other subjects and subsections that get into this field and this not only involves psychology as a whole but also things like criminal psychology, clinical psychology, and environmental psychology and so on and so forth.
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Just like any other discipline, psychology too has various standards that are set to regulate these studies. There are methodologies, tools and ways in which these psychologists try and implement these notions and make some kind of change. Change and progress can only be seen in qualitative research, not just in terms of quantity.

One of the most crucial fields of study in this discipline is counselling psychology. It becomes significant in this case because this area of psychology not only involves one individual, but also how various other functions in one’s life revolve around the same.

Over a life-span of an individual, there are various changes and functions that they go through in their lives and this also includes personal and interpersonal skills and functioning. This type of practice involves special focus just on the emotion, educational, social and organisational well-being of the person.


The way in which these are performed is different than those of the other subsections. Firstly, psychologists focus on the strengths and the opportunities of the person, their behaviour in terms of education, what they like to do for their future by interactions and so on.

For a while now with changes in different kinds of fields in psychology, there are developments in schools and educational institutions as well. With changes in the type of career choices coming up, there is career advice that is needed to make sure that the individual is choosing the right path. Therefore, career counselling is also an important aspect that psychology looks at. It has been a long time since these kind of developments have changed the human thinking and understanding more of their options. It becomes important to follow the standards set in psychology before any kind of misconduct is implemented and the following can help understanding the outcomes of the same:

  • Counselling focuses on ‘how and why.’
  • Questions like ‘why’ and ‘how’ the counselling takes place is what is crucial.
  • The action depends on the first point and after that, the counsellor is left to proceed further.
  • How to carry out the counselling process is what the second point mentions.
  • The effectiveness of counselling.
  • Will the effectiveness last?
  • Things like symptoms, changes in behaviour, improvements, and downfalls and so on can be seen as measurements of the effectiveness.
  • The relationship between the client and the counsellor has to be strong for measuring effectiveness as well.

Along with these points kept in mind, there are benefits for an individual that can lead to the following:

  • Feeling better emotionally.
  • Positivity.
  • Safety and ease.
  • Getting to know yourself better.
  • Direction and clarity.
  • Decrease in stress levels, thereby some peace of mind.

This also benefits the counsellors in the following ways:

  • Observations.
  • Empathy.
  • Better understanding of human behaviour.
  • Self-development and other focuses.
  • Resourceful.

When in doubt, there is always a counsellor waiting to help in the best way possible, and this can be seen through Archways Centre for CBT as they not only focus on themselves, but their primary focus becomes their client.