4X Faster Browsing for Android Users in India


Google announced today that it’s rolling away a fresh feature to Google android devices that will optimize Web pages so they surf faster on slow 2G speeds in India. Of April in Indonesia the company started field testing this feature at the end. It Tran’s codes web pages for quicker delivery on the take flight when it detects a consumer in on the slow connection. It would appear that the technique strips out Google Analytics scripts plus some CSS styling. Here’s a good example of what that appears like, alongside an unoptimized mobile site. After introducing the optimized version of Google, It seeks out cellular devices with slower 2G web connection in India, Google is likely to go one step further with website positioning now.

google 4x faster web browsing

Slow mobile online connections are a common experience in India. While the majority of the smart phones users in India can’t afford fast 3G data packs, most of us face sluggish internet connection credited to poor sign power, network saturation and different other reasons. Now, as everyone should have usage of an easy web regardless of their internet rates of speed, optimizing the net was the only viable option. And, do you know what? Google did that just. But Google is apparently thinking about enhancing its Chrome browser now, at least for Android users.


Brand new blog admittance on the Google India website says that the business will be rolling out a fresh feature to Google android devices that will optimize WebPages so they weigh faster on gradual 2G cable connections. What’s curious is that will be accessible and then Indian users, at least for the present time, as Google are starting this feature in Brazil soon. The key reason why Google chose India is pretty apparent – The United States is witnessing an incredible growth of the mobile market, but many Smartphone owners don’t have a constant data plan. They either don’t have sufficient data or they’re out of reach in many areas. Possessing a faster browser means that they make the majority of their connection.

Google also promises that improvement will allow Android phones to take 80% less data while ensuring 50% more page views. Google will release the revise to the default Google android browser also, as well. The brand new technology functions by transcending web pages for quicker delivery when it detects a gradual connection.