8 Key tips to aid in Maintenance of Product Handling Conveyors


Conveyers have always been a useful resource to facilitate moving the products efficiently without the need of human efforts. With its application in almost all types of industries like packaging, electronics manufacturing, food processing industry, and auto parts manufacturing etc. therefore, it is necessary that regular maintenance is kept so as to ensure that conveyor reliability is maintained always.

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It might seem to be a challenging task initially, but with the right set of guidelines, you shall be able to test and operate the conveyor system in an ordered manner preventing any harmful after effect. Here are some necessary preventive maintenance tips to handle conveyors in order to maximize productivity manifolds:

  • Preparing a comprehensive plan

There should be an implementation of a proper plan that has been formulated to prevent any conveyor failure. All the personnel should be trained in initiating checklists prior to working and they must be aware of the sights and sounds made by the conveyors that have some components needing repairs.

  • Scheduled checking

Always ensure the proper inspection of all the conveyor parts and controls to make sure there are no structural defects in any electrical connection once a week. Also, keep a check on the quality grounding of the conveying system which is important to maintain the longevity of the conveying system.


  • Regular lubrication

This is the most crucial way to prevent any conveyor system problem from occurring. Keep oiling the conveyor chain to make sure that they work fine and oil level is maintained in an efficient manner.

  • Keep an eye on chain and belt tension

A conveyor belt needs to be handled with adequate care so as to prevent any performance issues or wear and tear of the conveyor system. A proper lubrication of chain and taking care of its tension ensures a good performance and longevity of the conveyor system.

  • Cleaning the conveyors time and again

It is a vital tip to be followed every time so that the conveyors don’t get any speck of dirt over them that would hamper their functioning. Not only this, it will also help in maintain product conveying issues.

  • Visual inspection every now and then

Improper tracking of conveying belts will not only curtail premature wear and tear of the conveyor but also result in unnecessary repairs. It is thus, essential to undergo a visual inspection more often to make sure everything is fine.

  • Hire a good maintenance technician

A maintenance technician will be a useful guide who will not just follow all the essential steps to extend the longevity of the conveyor system but also will lower much of your repair and replacement costs. With the right expertise and experience in his field, he would surely be a big help to avert these petty issues from taking place.

  • Maintain proper Audit and Documentation

Practice good audit and documentation habits at least once a week or month, so as to reveal problems that can be prevented from transforming into bigger faults in the conveyor systems.