Unusual engagement rings: Beauty in the Raw


While Raw Oysters may have been an indulgence of sorts, are raw and organic diamonds much the same? Do you believe that raw diamonds might have an important role in carving the idea of unusual engagement rings?


Most people look for engagement rings that are distinct and which nobody has already, so unusual engagements rings are the more usual phenomena. The engagement ring should be exactly like your soulmate, complementing your personality like a perfect match. Do you want a ring that stands out from the crowd? It’s time to invest in raw or organic diamonds!


The Raw Truth

Like raw emotions, raw or organic diamonds are often statement pieces of their own sort. A great alternative to the usual cut diamonds, these raw diamonds are uncut, untouched, and pure (much to their name). Raw diamonds do not have cut diamond certifications of gem-quality like standards for cut, color, or clarity, but they can often be as clear as VVS1.

Seeking unusual engagement rings? You will love what you see! The raw diamonds offer pristine quality, which can be found only in a gem not hampered by the human hand.

They are believed to have no exact duplicates, so if you are looking for a pair, you will have to be extremely lucky, or one will have to be tailored.-More Inclusions: These unspoiled diamonds have more inclusions making them distinctive and unusual.

-Interesting Shape: They are not cut to any shape by the jeweler, so the shape is unique. They usually have a flat base, triangular facets that create a crown and a circular outer edge. The cut is often called the rose cut since it resembles the petals of a rosebud.

A 6 mm raw diamond is comparable to a one-carat solitaire but will cost you only a fraction of the cut diamond.-Reasonable Price: While you may not be looking to save money, but the money saved is always a bonus. Since your diamond has not been tailored, it does not have the added costs of an extended workforce. Your spouse can thus have an unusual ring without you being declared broke.

Crystal Power

While the raw and organic terms are often used interchangeably, they are not much the same.

The organic diamond tends to have a solid tone that may not clarify a typical diamond, but the pure and rich color offsets the look. The solid tone is what sets it apart.

Raw diamonds, on the contrary, are mostly a crystal matrix. You can almost picture them as two pyramids with the first inverted on the top of the other. They have a stunning effect and are set in a spectacular ring, and they can make for a unique engagement ring.

Two thoughts usually define unusual engagement rings – ‘the less is more an,d ‘the more, the merrier, and for raw diamonds, they both stand equally true. The diamond will cost less, but there will never be an exact duplicate. So engage your partner with the rawest form of you, and that with a raw diamond.