Home Mobile Motorola Are the Moto Mods Good Moto Z Cases?

Are the Moto Mods Good Moto Z Cases?

Are the Moto Mods Good Moto Z Cases?

Moto Z has pretty a winner on its fingers with the brand new Moto Z. Motorola has mechanically hit it out of the park with their phones for the last few years and this 12 months’ flagship is not unique. Cynical Android enthusiasts will point out that the achievement of the last 4 years did no longer prevent Motorola from getting bought via Google, after which getting offered quite right away to Lenovo. Lenovo is the Chinese corporation that changed into once maximum well-known for buying out the PC department of any other venerable emblem, IBM. While this is real, the ownership of this as soon as the venerable logo through Lenovo hasn’t harmed it. Lenovo has cared for and constructed the treasured ThinkPad emblem nicely through the years that it has owned it, and with a bit of luck, it will achieve this with Motorola as nicely.


There are rumors that Lenovo plans to kill off Motorola or Moto branding and use Lenovo branding on all their phones from next yr onward. For now but, we’ve got the Moto Z, and it’s far pretty outstanding. Actually, it receives even better, because there are three telephones to pick from if you want to get a Moto Z.

The flagship Moto Z is a razor skinny phone with perfect battery existence, superb design, and a price. This is an awful lot decrease than some other flagship phones available on the market these days, with possibly the exception of the OnePlus 3T. Likewise, the lot less expensive Moto Z Play is an excellent, less expensive midrange telephone with an even better battery lifestyles way to a bigger battery and a slower, greater electricity efficient processor. If you’re clumsy or have an active lifestyle, the ruggedized Moto Z Force, with its shatter evidence plastic display screen, is the perfect Moto Z for you because you might not even want Moto Z cases to defend it.

Moto Z Mods, cases with a difference

Moto Z Cases

Along with the Moto Z series, which consists of the Moto Z, the less expensive and much less effective Moto Z Play, and the ruggedized Moto Z Force, Lenovo additionally brought a line-up of exciting Moto Z covers. This Moto Z covers snap onto the backs of the Moto Z series telephones, with the assist of magnets, and thanks to a row of touch pins at the again of the telephones, the Moto Z instances engage with the phones in thrilling methods. There is a case that adds to the already amazing battery existence of the telephones, a case that provides a high-quality portable speaker, a case that adds a good better camera with a zoom to the Z, and extra.

There is also a plain lower back cover that Moto calls the Style Mod and includes in the box. Though these types of Moto Z instances are very purposeful, they have more than one drawback. The most crucial one is that they upload no safety to your telephone. For example, if you want a few additional safety for the screen of your Moto Z, none of these covers that snap on to the again offer any safety. For that, you have to get one of the many Moto Z Force covers or covers for any of the opposite Moto Z’s that provide a lip within the front of the case.

The new owner of the Motorola brand, Lenovo, has been pretty accurate to the emblem, retaining alive its three maximum popular cell phone models, the Moto X, the Moto G, and the Moto E, and improving them with every generation. However, in 2017 are very exceptional from what they had been 3 or four years ago within the Android marketplace. Motorola added the unique Moto X, Moto E, and Moto G. They were floor-breaking devices that blended high-quality functions with competitive pricing and a nearly stock flavor of Android that allowed human beings to revel in the Google running machine as it becomes at first intended to be used. Things in 2017 are unique.

 Moto Mods

Today, there is a slew of Chinese organizations selling in huge markets like India that are giving Lenovo and almost every different Android phone producer a run for their cash, with telephones which have remarkable specs, very competitive pricing, and build satisfactory and design this is each bit as good as the high-quality inside the commercial enterprise. So you have got corporations like OnePlus selling flagship devices for 1/2 the price of the competition from the likes of Samsung, Apple, and even Google itself.

The Midrange Battle

When it comes to Lenovo and its Moto emblem, this competition has been especially harsh. To counter those attacks, Lenovo has subsequently launched a better cease variation of the Moto G; the Moto M. The Moto M has specs that might be very similar to the Moto G, however with one essential difference. Moto M cases are made from lovely brushed aluminum, unlike the reasonably-priced plastic casings on all previous low to mid-give up Moto branded phones. Phones that fee half as much as the former midrange king, the Moto G, have higher specifications and much better, all-metal unibodies with the beautiful match and finishing. With the Moto M, the numerous variations of the Moto G, the Moto Z above it, and the Moto E under it, Lenovo now covers almost each charge factor; however, the reality that the competition gives more compelling devices at nearly every rate factor, the way that Lenovo hasn’t, in reality, solved the trouble yet.

A couple of years ago, one of the important reasons to buy a Moto smartphone changed into the nearly stock version of the Android operating system on it and the fact that you can buy accessories greater easily than for lesser recognized brands. But in 2017, you could effortlessly go browsing and discover a dressmaker or custom case for nearly any fairly popular smartphone nearly as easily as you could purchase a Moto M custom case. It is identical to designer covers and other accessories that are version-specific. So, it seems like Lenovo has its work cut out for it.

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