Why Vinyl Sounds Better Than Modern MP3’s ?


Technology evolves year after year is not debatable; however, are we really always going in the right direction? For most sectors, like medical and telecommunications, the answer is a resounding yes.


However, when it comes to the basic act of listing to your favorite music, technological advances have not actually improved the quality of sound as much as you think. The matter remains that vinyl records, played by those outstanding record players, are actually an overall superior experience than listening to mp3’s on your ipod or phone.

The sound quality that a record player exudes is actually far superior to the digital format of mp3’s. This is not a mystery, and you can see this for yourself by comparing the two with a sound test. As long as your record player is at least of decent quality, you will notice a clear difference between the two Planet Amend.


How Does A Decades-Old Product Still Perform Better Today?

A record player is better for your music listening experience because it was created as a revolutionary piece of its time, and there was not much more you can do to improve the quality of sound that it plays.

A record player is fully analog, and the vinyl LPs you use to play are not compressed. Mp3’s and other digital streaming formats are compressed, and as you know, when you compress something, the quality is diminished. Although HD sound has increased the quality of the music you play in recent years, it still is not up to vinyl standards and might never be.

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Another reason why vinyl is better is that the natural sound of these players are very close to the natural resonance that humans hear organically. Essentially, your ears are more in tune with the sound of vinyl than that of your phone or speakers.

Lastly, the decibel difference you can achieve on a good record player without any distortion is incredible. If you turn up your volume loud enough on your mp3 songs, you will start being dazed by distortion, whereas that is not the case with vinyl.
What Does This Teach Us?

This pretty difficult notion to accept, that technology almost took us backward in a way, is not to be taken to heart. The fact is that listening to music has gotten much more convenient nowadays, and it is pretty difficult to figure out a way to retain the absolute top tier of sound quality while still compressing music to the smallest form.

It might take years of more technological advancements to figure out a way to recreate the natural sound of vinyl into a very compressed form. However, when this is done, we will truly be at a remarkable point of human accomplishment. And if you’ve never experienced a vinyl record player up close, you should do so as soon as possible because you are missing out on a truly unique experience, which is no surprise as to why these products have skyrocketed in sales the past decade.