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How to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy

With more than a third of CMOs predicting that digital marketing spend will account for more than 75% of their marketing budgets over the next five years, it’s pretty clear that even for large corporations with a high offline presence, digital marketing has become the most effective way of reaching consumers. And for .com companies, where your online presence is the only way you communicate with clients, enhancing your digital marketing strategy is crucial.

Make Sure Your Website’s Up to Scratch

Digital Marketing Strategy

Or if it looks like it’s stuck in the ’90s and full of cheesy stock images, get it redesigned. Of course, this will depend on your budget, and if you’re working on a low one, then, first of all, work on functionality, usability, and content; fancy high-end design can wait. You need a fast site that doesn’t take ages to load and keep the consumer waiting, contact forms that work, and strategically placed calls-to-action (CTAs) prompt the customer to ask for more information, request a quote, or download an article, or sign up for a newsletter.

Content is King

While any good marketer continually repeats Bill Gates’s most famous phrase, these days, engaging, readable, clear, and convincing content is a must. While you can invest an important part of your online spend in global and local SEO if your content is below par, you won’t keep your prospect on the page for long, and you certainly won’t get them to convert. So don’t cut corners when it comes to your site content. Include keywords that are important to your customers, but don’t overdo them. Also, approximately 400 words of the content are generally thought to be Google’s recommended minimum.


Get a Blog

Why are so many companies jumping on the blog wagon? Because it’s an excellent way of generating traffic to your website if you have an SEO blog that provides valuable content to your readers. Visual content, in particular, is incredibly engaging. Adding infographics has become a popular way of reaching more people, as content with images has a higher chance of being shared, and you can mix up your blog content with interviews, how-to articles, lists, and more. Try to update your blog at least once a week.

Start Building Alliances

Link building isn’t what it used to be, so paying for links, adding duplicate content, or exchanging links with any old company is no longer going to cut it; in fact, it’s likely to get you penalized by Google. Link building today is more about building professional relationships, getting links on blogs and sites that complement your own and that your audience will find useful.

There are many ways to enhance your digital marketing spend and get more customers to visit your site (and hopefully convert). At the same time, SEO can seem like a mystery to many people, with Google changing its requirements all the time, if you’re not sure about where to start, then you should consult with an expert agency in SEO and content marketing, like BrightEdge, who can generate the best plan for you according to your business, budget, and goals.

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