Four Golf Putting Tips to Help You Play Like a Pro


Playing like a pro or standing out from the rest in golf is all about knowing the basics of the game. One needs to be skillful and dexterous to understand how to play golf. Golf-putting skills are pivotal to ace the game.

Perfecting your shot is all about evaluating the distance from the ball to the hole and using the right strength while hitting it. However, mastering this skill requires concentration and coordination to hit the ball right. So, your prudent strategy and physical strength should come into play to master the game. Adopting a few necessary putting techniques can help you know how to play golf like an expert.


Here are four golf-putting tips to help you play golf like a pro.

Using the putter

Use the putter so that it starts to a level stroke and picks up speed as you hit the ball. The best way to master the distance between the ball and the hole is not to crash it but to roll the ball using the putter. For this, you would need to have an open stance, with your weight more towards your left side, while your putter shaft should aim more towards the goal, which will help the ball to roll more smoothly. Use the putter to make a smooth stroke, similar to the movements of a pendulum. Also, remember to swing the putter longer for longer distances rather than hitting the ball harder.


Gripping correctly

Besides making a smooth stroke, using the right grip is equally important for golf. Remember to grip firmly but not too tightly; this will help you control your alignment of the club and path more accurately. If you grip too tight, it can result in an unnatural stroke, hitting the ball too hard or very lightly. You can grab the club in any manner, but ensure it is held firmly and does not affect your swing. Once you have mastered the grip right, apply the same grip pressure every time, regardless of the distance and angle. Experts also caution against changing the grip pressure in the middle of a stroke, which can spoil your game.

Looking at the right spot

Experts recommend that looking at the right place is one of the most crucial things while putting. Moreover, if you look too far, it could misguide you to aim towards the wrong path. Also, it is easy to get frozen if you stare too long at the ball. The best thing to do is to avoid looking at the ball completely and instead look at a spot in front of the ball to concentrate more on the target line and end up rolling the ball towards the hole. Consider looking straight down by placing a tee in front of the ball while you practice, keeping your feet and body parallel to the putting line.

Review your shot each time.

Every time you play, try sparing a few seconds to review your shot so that you can analyze what went right or wrong. Doing this will help you improve your game. This enables you to understand how wise your judgment was before the shot. Constant reviews can assist in getting clarity about how focused you are and the areas you need to improve. Moreover, you will be more likely to remind yourself to concentrate and not completely get distracted like the last time. Many experts consider this practice a must to play golf like a pro eventually.

Finally, “practice makes a man perfect,” the only way to master the game is by applying these tips in practice as much as possible. Golfers in India today have many avenues to learn their game. For instance, websites like GolfLan offer the convenience of booking a game online and help you book affordable golf lessons at courses across the globe.